DJ Mustard & YG Discuss R. Kelly & Michael Jackson, YG Says Racism’s Afoot | TMZ

DJ Mustard says R. Kelly is a "monster" and a "pig" … but he's reserving judgment on Michael Jackson. YG says he's done with both of 'em … but also has some condemning words for white people.


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  1. God help us please!! But we need to help ourselves too Rip Michael Jackson ♥️🌹💯

  2. R Kelly is disgusting I just watched Surviving R Kelly and it’s extremely disturbing.

    Michal Jackson funny they speak up when he’s dead.

    • They did’ent speak up because they were little kids,They did’ent know what to do.

    • +Jekyll Hyde You just proved his point even more, in 20+ years which included a 10 year FBI investigation no evidence what so ever has been found and yet according to some guy on youtube he’s guilty. Lol okay bro.

  3. That doesn’t make sense. I agree that the whole Michael Jackson thing is fucked up. Those people are not credible and it’s disgusting that they made that documentary. I refuse to watch it. But when it comes to Cosby and R Kelly…there’s not racists intent there…those men are guilty of disgusting crimes against other people, specifically women. You can’t use racism there. Lol

    • When you see me square up lots of opinionated talking but I still don’t see any facts that is evidence of the allegations being true

    • +When you see me square up he lived in a time when you could be friends with kids and it wasn’t weird. He had some issues with not growing up due to his up bringing. He was wearing a pedo suit but he wasn’t being a pedo. Do more research, not just enough to justify your feelings.

    • +Brandon Bassani no you’re just in denial, the first video shows too other victims with their own sexual experience with Michael which is more evidence that proves he was pedo. second video is Latoya saying how much Michael always told her how he didn’t like women and even exposed her family by saying that they know and are aware that Michael is pedo. third video can also be used as evidence because it exposes all the abuse the family and Michael went through which fits a pattern that abusers go through their own abuse while growing up

    • +Reality Candy he didn’t live in a time where being friends with kids wasn’t weird it was always weird from the time he took Lewis to the awards it raised questions. “he was wearing a pedo suit but wasn’t being a pedo” just because Michael didn’t have a childhood dosen’t mean it was ok for him to be sleeping with little boys in his bed. I have no personal feelings in this I don’t care who you are you could be my dad, brother, sister who ever if I see something that raises concern you better believe I’m going to follow up on it

  4. It’s hard to believe the michael jackson allegations because the FBI investigated him for 10 long years and found nada. So now all of a sudden we are just gonna believe some one sided, money grab documentary? I’m not saying MJ was not a pedophile because you never know he probably was BUT there is still not enough proof and evidence and also the man ain’t here anymore to defend himself.

    • Ricardo Marques he wasn’t people are just blind and dirty minded.
      Michael saw everything with his heart,if they attacked him alive and in death who should we believe? *Tea

    • Ricardo Marques it is a movie a documentary is facts and that wasn’t based on facts at all

  5. To take a documamrty at full face when somone is dead and the those kids said incourt nothing happen. Funny now he is dead and protect his name. The media will build you for money and take down for money.. No shame in there game.

    • Shawn Gifford well if you actually watched the documentary you would know why they lied they loved Micheal they didn’t want to see him in jail however as they got older and more importantly had children of their own they realized how evil it all was

    • +Ohio Girl Girl I will never believe those two. Wade is in need of money went to the Jackson to do a tribute to his “molester “,the family turns him down,he went to a director to talk about abuse. He is also suing Jackson’s estate for millions I am not a fan of Michael however, I will never ever ever ever believe someone who lied under oath and is in need of money to finance his kid that just plain stupid.On another note I find this me too movement very fishy some cases can be true also some might be a lie these are serious times.I don’t believe those to men. There is a video of Darrin Henson on his Instagram and you tube who knows Wade very well watch that and you will know this dude is lieing.

    • shantelle stewart you won’t believe someone who lied under oath? What if you lied to protect a man that you loved MORE than your own father? A man who showed you what love was? Micheal was his only real friend he ever had. However being a father to his own kid changed everything for him so that’s what made him come forward had nothing to do with money because If that’s the case he could’ve came out before he had kids right?

  6. Even though they should be locked up but what about the white side of things🤭 , when is theirs going to be on the big screen🥶(I’ll wait)&im not talking about the dead ones 💯!!!! SMH STAY WOKE!!!! February was black history month , I didn’t hear anything good about a black individual in the press YET ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️✨

  7. YG is right… it’s taking the light off all the white guys who got caught up

    • Yeah he’s innocent. Only his brothers, best friends, close relatives , business associates, countless women,other artists in the industry, and a sex tape giving sparkle’s 15 yr old niece a golden shower is lying? Smh

  8. YG really made him look dumb 😂 it’s ok MJ is more of a Legend so let’s protect him more

    • Yeah he is but their day is coming look at Jesse Smollett he was an Mute R Kelly supporter you see how that turned out

  9. Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson period anything with Mikes name in it makes Money! He broke racial barriers he’s the reason why MTV plays Afro,Latino,Asian ext on the radio and on TV. He sold a Billion albums through out his lifetime.He’s the only artist who brought races together! He fought for his innocence in 05 and plead the not guilty verdict let the Man Rest! His kids don’t need to hear this BS! Michael own half of Sony and he owns all these artists you hear on radio💯💯Mike is innocent of these accusations believe me Ik it !

    • Is that a fact that he was murdered . Or are you making accusations. Because people lie . Lol
      Everything sounded good until your last two sentence .

  10. Some people would deny that mj and r Kelly are pedophiles even if they saw it in person and say it’s because he’s black

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