Drake’s Maybe Babymama Jets to His Side! | TMZ TV

Drake may deny it, but we’ve got even more evidence that he’s the daddy!


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    • have to use damage control when people believe anything , plus this rumour been going around since 2017

    • Don’t Trip why are you double lol and 2nd thats not a excuse. It’s been know drake might have knocked someone up last year, he drake touched on it in More life. Stop being slow

    • I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal for Drake to publicly show off his kid on social media like this world needs to end now y’all fucking crazy

    • SirJack of Camelot lmaoo wtf are you evening talking about.? I’m not the slow one here Drake fans are. yeah it’s been known but it’s tooo late to try to play father of the year tho. Lol foh

    • And that’s assuming she hasn’t had surgery. Goddamn it Drake like you have 10/10 groupies willings to worship you and you had to settle for this? genes are hereditary. The last you can do is pump at 10/10 groupie so your kid has better odds in the looks lottery

    • Dudes always talking about someone’s baby mama while their bm looks like mama D

    • Xclusive Lyrics I was making a general assumption not actually attacking you fam and no I don’t flip burgers 😂

    • Who tf told you Rihanna was a multibillionaire?
      She’s not even half way to a billion yet…

    • Gatekeepers 98 unless you got a billion like who she with don’t set those sights

  1. “Let that boy come home!” .. Deadbeat mfka playing border patrol.

    • Arizona Animal Drake could easily be taking care of him and not want media to know. I mean he was naming his new clothing line after him

    • To say someone is a deadbeat because they want to keep their kid out of the spotlight is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • Jay Money Drake doing better than your silly self. Player?? You will never play on his level. Facts bro.

    • To bad for you. I like his Music and find him a okay person. So don’t try to speak for me. I can like a person and still have a critical opinion/view about that person. I’m just pointing things out that were said or done, nothing more.

      (Sorry for my bad English grammar!)

    • ani sam Noooooooo, Drake needs to quit Raw Dogging like he’s in PRISON OR WOODSTOCK!

    • them pornstars cleaner than most hoes out there they take std tests super often

    • ani sam why would he need a std test? Pornstars are literally the cleanest out there. They get tested weekly basis. It literally take 1minute of google to not be ignorant.

  2. Never saw a rapper or a public figure take so many L in one week. Damn.

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