Elisa’s Emotional Reunion With Her Birth Mom | EJNYC | E!

When the "EJNYC" star meets up with her birth mom and siblings, it's nothing but love. Watch the touching moment on "EJNYC".


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Elisa's Emotional Reunion With Her Birth Mom | EJNYC | E!


    • Yep. When Cookie was pregnant with EJ, Magic learned he was HIV positive. Neither Cookie nor EJ was infected, and they decided to adopt their second child.

  1. Elisa is amicable and pretty like inside pretty…can tell she’s a good person…

  2. went to high school with her birth mom had no idea she had a baby young and gave it up for adoption. glad for happy ending. Shawn & Dawn.

    • Dawn K Smith I hate mothers who do that sorry but im glad for you I guess you have no idea the pain it causes

    • The EndofTheWorld maybe I didn’t understand your comment…you hate mothers that do what?

    • Dawn K Smith this was awesome a mother’s love is what you did and God knew your heart and you got to hold her again this was an awesome piece thank you for sharing. God bless you all

    • Desiree Swearingen Rainey thank you very much! When I think about my journey..I can’t help but Praise God! I chose the Johnson’s! and God allowed me to see her grow up before my eyes! I’m grateful to God who orchestrated this entire process! I’m here to change the narrative on birth mom’s. money has helped make opportunities possible for my daughter but a MOTHERS TRUE Love is incomparable! Well MINE IS & has always been! It might be deemed as selfless (I’ll take that)…but I wouldn’t do it again! I wouldn’t wish that type of pain on my enemy 😘

  3. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! Kudos to this beautiful union between Elisa and her brith-mom! Those two have enough power between them to heal souls! I promise it!

    • Thank you for watching and sharing your thoughts! If you love Elisa, catch #EJNYC on Wednesdays at 9|8c on E!

  4. Elisa is my Great Great-Niece and I can assure everyone that the up most respect and concern for the wishes of Magic and Cookie Johnson was always the priority with Elisa’s mom Dawnie regarding the initial adoption and eventual reuniting. What is important now for both families is letting go of the past and focusing now, on the future between this phenomenal and courageous set of parents. Thank You

  5. Someone ⤵said Elisa and her birth mother need their own show. I absolutely agree. Her mom is young so she was selfless in giving her to a family that could love and care for her. Beautiful!

  6. they both are into cutting their hair into unique styles. is there a birth father?

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  7. Forgiveness is the “door’ that leads to better possibilities. Amazing story.

  8. I did not know she was adopted and to showcase the reunion is beautiful!!!! You can see they love and respect one another and they have me crying at work! lol The totally look alike…their smiles are everything!!!

  9. I love what she said. She has both of her families. That’s how I feel too about my family and my birth family ❤️

  10. I’m glad her mom chose adoption. im happy the daughter forgave I pray they last from now to forever. GOD BLESS YOU TWO

  11. Elisa is gorgeous. Her birth mom has the same beauty too. Not only that, Elisa is beautiful inside also, you can see it instantly.

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