Nikki Bella Packs Up Her Things and Leaves John Cena | Total Bellas | E!

The "Total Bellas" star makes an emotional confession that she packed up her things and left John Cena. John is trying to fix things, but is Nikki ready? Watch "Total Bellas" Sundays at 9|8c on E!

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Nikki Bella Packs Up Her Things and Leaves John Cena | Total Bellas | E!


  1. John has only himself to blame.
    You need to give people time and not rush them to make a choice it doesnt work that way. Specially in relationships

    • Wilson No Most of this stuff is pre recorded. What if they actually really broke and had to record it due to the contract.

    • hannah garner. They are both to blame. Hoping the other would bend at some point after 6 years of being together.

    • First off it’s not all his fault!!…John doesn’t have to do anything!!…he didn’t want kids but she did!…she can’t make him give her kids!..i doesn’t work that way!!…so how is it all HIS FAULT?…explain!!…because he didn’t rush anything!

    • I’m confused by this timeline as well but it seems like this is after they got back together when John said he’ll reverse his vasectomy because she mentioned that even after that there is still a deeper issue preventing her from walking down the aisle. So this is the second time she’s leaving him.

    • Prerecorded, but in reality right now I think they are officially done. Not sure xd

  2. Theres a half of me that thinks this is fake and there’s a half of me that thinks it’s real I feel this just isent how most breakups are plus there actors I wouldn’t be suprised if it fake and they don’t share every single piece of there life

    • Jay Whisenton It’s real but it’s exaggerated. Like if they show 100% real then people would get bored. Plus exaggerating helps to understand.

    • Jay Whisenton All reality shows are fake dude “reality” is not really reality

  3. Dam people it not all John fault she new John didn’t want kids are to get marry she just love the life style John gave her

  4. She should’ve got back together with dolph ziggler three years ago. Plus he would’ve married her and become an amazing father to her kids🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. I sense that john has bin controlling Nicki all these years and she let it happen cos she thought it interpreted as love BT now she is ready to brk d pattern and nt be controlling relationship anymore BT can’t say it clearly so as not to smear johns reputation

  6. Yeah, now I understand where Niki is coming from. That can be very confusing after hearing your partner who didn’t want kids for years, says he wants kids now. At first it’s exciting but once you take a step back and analyze the situation, you start questioning like ‘does he really want kids? Or does he just want to make me happy and stay with him?’

    • Lizette Rosa make a new from the very beginning when it first started going out that John Cena does not want kids and John Cena does not on to get married again why I was she with John Cena all these years knowing that John Cena didn’t want these things in his life, wake up, Nikki!

    • Yeah, everyone said she used him, but I totally understand why she broke off their relationship.

  7. I think nikki realize, when he said hell agree to have kids its not genuine, its just to keep her, bc later john will resent her for it

  8. He never said he wanted kids. He said he would give her a kid to keep her around.

    • +Thaniggahigh Marcus Because not everyone wants or should be a parent. It is a perfectly ok choice, just like having kids.
      The fact is, he was CLEAR from the START he didn’t want kids.
      She foolishly believed she could change his mind, that is manipulative and unfair.
      They shouldn’t of got together knowing they wanted such different things in life!

  9. Dont really think anyone can blame john. He said from day one what he wanted and didn’t want. She wasted years of his life made him fall in love and then binned him off before the wedding day . Not being funny if a man did to her what she did to him everyone would go mad

    • That’s why he didn’t want marriage because every girl come in his life and walk out of his life

  10. Everyone is like against cena but you have to remember he has feelings too, and that she’s been bugging him about this for year and now he’s doing these things for her only to keep her happy. Like what about him?

    • Nikki was so way up the ladder of love that she didn’t think of Cenas pace and how he felt until it was a bit to late, that’s why everyone who is in a relationship should know how fast they’re going so it doesn’t end up like this.

    • Sorry but I think for years Nikki has been doing things for John to keep him more than equally happy.
      John is stubborn, puts his needs first. Nikki had to sacrifice a lot of herself to be with him. His terms always. He may be a nice and generous guy. But there are different levels of nice. Yes he has feelings. Totally agree and he was straight with her at the very start of their relationship. But anyone with common sense knows that the success of any real relationship is growth. This is where John has lacked. She leaves him the first time, then he wants to give her a child. Even the filming of that scene when he tells her, was not. Yes lets make a beautiful child together. More like, you want a kid. Ok I will give you one so I can keep you. That’s pretty much what he might of well have said.
      Nikki wants to grow in love, their relationship, herself and John doesn’t when it comes to love and his relationship. It takes her leaving him for him to say ok I now want kids. Really?
      Not genuine at all. Hes too controlling in relationships and selfish in it. He may have changed somewhat, but not enough for his own girlfriend to believe, that children is what he really wants. Oh and to say I will give you a child/kid. Was like you can have one only. Johns terms.

    • Right! Imagine if she was the one who didn’t want kids and he was publicly trying to change her mind? People would be offended. It’s her own fault for thinking she could be the one to change his mind. She shouldn’t force him to be a father when he said numerous time he don’t want to be one bc he doesn’t have the time to be there for him/her and he doesn’t want to do that his child. People are acting like he was so horrible to her. SHE STAYED WILLINGLY for years. She said how many times it’s the sacrifice I’m making bc I love him. He wasn’t abusive or evil. People are overreacting. I love Nikki but I can’t wait for this saga to end.

    • He was always honest with her he told her he didnt eant marraige and kids so she has herself to blame she likes the lifestyle he provides thats it

  11. Kids aren’t everything if John doesn’t want kids then Nikki shouldn’t try to change his mind, respect his decision!

    • To her they are so she’s letting him go/leaving him, what more do you want from her, to stay and be miserable? Your whole comment is hypocritical, you say Nikki shouldnt try to change John’s mind but you want her to stay with him and change her mind? Wtf?

    • That’s why their not together cuz she said before she doesnt want to force him to have kids

  12. Why does that person on the backseat kinda look like Michael Jackson, at least to me

  13. Honestly from the beginning they shouldn’t have been together. From the beginning he said no kids and no marriage. He was bluntly honest with her. She stayed knowing that, then she expects him to change. It is not fair at all, he even told her I will never change. She kept nagging him and pestering him about it. She also changed her mind during the relationship saying she is content with no kids and no marriage. She wanted to hang on so bad but she couldn’t. I understand she is entitled to change her mind but that just hurt her and John in the process. Things would have been better of as friends from the beginning.

  14. I know am so late but why John cena didn’t want A kids help cuz I don’t know
    And I hope they come back together
    Excuse my English …..please answer

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