‘Empire’ Removes Jussie from Final Episodes of the Season | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Jussie Smollett betrayed the trust of his "Empire" coworkers and damaged the show's image, and now several cast members want him written off immediately … according to our sources. Also, Jordyn Woods broke her silence on allegedly cheating with Tristan Thompson — and screwing over her BFF Kylie Jenner's fam — with an interesting choice of words. Then went right back to biz.


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    • I think that’s what they will do too it was teased one of the family members will die it was teased that it was Andre but I think they will rewrite it to make it his character instead

  1. Fox should have done this as soon as they found out it was a hoax , Fox dropped the ball ,

  2. He absolutely should be fired! Roseanna got fired from a tweet, let alone a racist fake hate crime. Good luck finding a job after this

  3. Keep him on the show, but bump is salary to below minimum wage. FIRST YA SLOWPOKES!!!

  4. The sad thing is he will fight the charge and attack the Chicago police and claim racism again…I feel sorry for him really. He needs to fix his problem. But you know what they say no such thing as bad publicity. He got what he wanted. Probably can make bank on interviews etc.

    • He gets a 100k per episode an its the last season we all tuning in for the bullshit 😂😂

  5. Ahhhh, poor Jussie. Does that me mean he won’t get his pay raise? If you ask me, Subway should hire him as a spokes person. I mean who else is going to go through -20 weather at 2 in the morning and square off with 2 big buff dudes and still walk away with his sandwich. That must be one of the best subs in the US.

  6. Yesterday a black robber tied up a white women clerk, doused her with lighter fluid and set her on fire. Yet leftists don’t consider this a hate crime. I wonder why??

    • You should see ALL the robberies blacks commit against Asians. Even black rappers like YG promotes attacks against Asians in their music.

  7. He really jammed himself up .. what’s next.. we’ll find out he’s not really gay and/or black lol

  8. This whole thing has been a show. Someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Jussie is just acting playing a part. There’s some kind of agenda behind this… Race war propaganda + distraction

  9. Ummm it’s not like they dropped him so stop lying 🤥. The cast members did not want him gone stop ✋🏼 it. If he’s here in Chicago being held how in the heck could he be on set. The media is so extra ignorant. Almost like instigators

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