‘Empire’ Removes Jussie from Final Episodes of the Season | TMZ TV

Fox just announced it's scratching Smollett from the end of the current season.


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    • as eddie johnson said, this ain’t no damn TV show, jussie, this is real fucking life. he thinks his whole life is the set of empire.

    • +Blvck Out what are you talking about? people were infuriated about that case in the 1950’s and when she finally confessed 60 years later, people were infuriated all over again. what happened to emmett till is one of the most heartbreaking tragedies in U.S. history. Carolyn Bryant Donham turned 84 last year, so i don’t know what jail would really do at this point, but they might as well put her in.

  1. It would be a massive slap in the face to jussie if they recasted his character. Instead of just writing him off of the show.

    • +YOUTUBE University but there is a possibility for another season if he is not on

      If he goes unpunished they will lose their jobs cause an association with him
      They will probably kill him off

      He did this to himself

    • +laura marrero fabian their filming the final season. That’s been announced last year…. there was no future seasons coming

    • +laura marrero fabian my point is…why would he do it for a pay raise when this is the FINAL SEASON

    • You joking right? It was a huge slap in the face to the gay community, the black community, his cast members who supported him and his family. An eye for an eye.

  2. T. Howard certainly has the right to be supportive of Jussie, but he can’t fight that war in social media without getting bruised.  I suspect he is not aware that Jussie is a narcissist.

    • Political Twinkie I see you a lot. We be under the same videos. When you talk about Moe n Sydney I know you know a lot about narcissistic behavior. And You be having me cracking up 🤣

  3. All this is BS ! ! !

    Since day 1…
    I knew Lee Daniels made up this whole adventure as part of the plot for the show !

    • I so hope that is true, i would not be surprised if Lee Daniels orchestrated this whole thing just to get rid of Jussie and still Somehow be relevant

    • Yeahhh, Lee Daniels is a shady ape they probably came up with the idea together and now that it’s backfired has left Jussie to fend for himself.

    • +Cee Cee isn’t it ironic that all those ACTORS who supported him are now leaving him out in the cold, maybe -20 degrees perhaps?

  4. As a white guy. I want my part on empire. From what I seen there are no white actors. Which means they are racist. I’m offended. And I’m also angry.

    • +Diane V he used a period and then typed “worst” pretty sure that means jussie is the worst and not one act being more worse than another. They’re both very very terrible. And through jussie’s act people did get hurt. When tax payers money is wasted thats painful to the economy. When peoples time is wasted they don’t get it back.

    • +Diane V
      What about all the wasted police time that could have been used for real crimes? Also, he sent that letter in the mail.

  5. The chief police officer who reviewed the case and spoke about it during the conference said that there is so much evidence against jussie that we don’t even know yet which is damaging to his story… more proof and evidence. Jussie is a liar and a manipulator.. he needs to just take responsibility and act like an adult…

  6. Is it ok to be gay these days? I guess. I was never molested which is the most heard excuse But it is NOT COOL for gay dudes to be comfortable in being drama queen personified. My personal opinion-stay in the closet. If I see a man kiss another man in public infront of my son I will say something-do that bullshit behind closed doors

    • GeminEye you’re being very ignorant and uneducated talking about people kissing people should go to jail that’s stupid and silly I don’t know if you are a Christian and was raise that way but whenever raise You that way should’ve taught you that just because a person is different don’t make them any less Human I’m disgusted

    • The fact that people like this is so worrying. I pray that you’ll be educated soon and see that heterosexuality is no different from homosexuality. Both are NORMAL sexualities and none should be shamed for being either. Adapt to the change or stay behind and die with the others who can’t change to survive. Survival of the fittest will claim you either ways.

    • +Ohio Girl he’s just doing it for attention. He grew up whiter than 90% of all whites

    • +Degenerates Like You Belong On a Cross that man has never experienced oppression a day in his life, his bank account has more than anyone in this comment section.

  7. Kamala Harris (Jussie’s Aunt) and Cory Booker were part of this conspiracy in order to get their Anti-Lynching bill passed. I hope Jussie throws all of the conspirators under the bus.

    • Well said. I am soo suspicious!. Those bastards encouraged him. I saw him with them in demonstrations. He hates Trump! He had the guts to do this. But he missed his brain!. He left them in the Subway store! Hahahaha!.

    • I mean, the fact that lynching is still legal is worrying? But he should’ve handled this WAY better

  8. So he was complaining about his pay… Well he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore now does he… Smh

  9. How come he hasnt been completely fired? What he did is way worse than what Rosanne did I think.

    She made a joke, he faked a hate crime proving he is a racist hetrophobe.

    Why the double standard? Black Gay Privilege?

    • she made a joke that wasn’t even about race. she said somebody looked like a monkey as in trump looks like a duck, or cathy griffin resembles an exotic parrot. some people look like animals, has nothing to do with race. but because in the past black people were referred to as monkeys in a racist way, literally considering them animals instead of as people, everyone went bonkers over roseanne’s goofy comment. what jussie did is incomparable.

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