Rosario Dawson Confirms She’s Dating Cory Booker, Says They’re in Love | TMZ

Rosario Dawson's all in on Cory Booker for President in 2020, but she might be a little biased … because she just confirmed with us … they're in a serious, loving relationship!!!


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  1. Who would’ve thunk that cory booker was smashing rosario dawson? Not me i thought he was gay.

    • Patricio Jesus He attempted to sexually assault a man in a restroom a decade ago. It’s well documented

    • I can’t stand booker.. but I’ve never gotten a gay vibe from him.. no shade but I’m getting more of a gay vibe from you for some reason lol

    • never underestimate those ‘quiet types’…they’re not LAME – it’s because they’ve got GAME! He flew under the radar!

  2. Hope it works out for them but it seems like Cory doesn’t stand a chance at the nomination

    • He also don’t stand a chance at being hetero. Everyone and their dog knows he on the Down-Low. And needed a “beard” so black-men vote for him. Kind of scummy thing of him to do, but then again Hollywood celebs are not that bright, so he got himself a good one.

    • +Liingo She’s campaigning for Booker. She promoted Booker’s campaign material on her Instagram.

    • I don’t think he will win but why not run? Lol. Everyone else is running 💯💯💯

    • +Rick Smith His connection Oil lobbyist, support of Israel and belief in further dismantling collective bargaining rights also hurt him.

  3. Thats wild. She endorsed Bernie in 2016. Wonder if she’ll go against her values for Cory…lol. Hope it works our for them i guess.

    • I was just thinking the same thing. Oh and that it must be new because she’s said the most ridiculous things

    • Cody needs to drop the Bachelor image asap. With her he gets the full package. An attractive wife that’s well respected and likeable vouching for him. She is LATINO which brings that massive voting base to the table. She adopted a daughter. I mean the guy can’t lose with that. I personally think your moral compass must be pretty messed up to have anything to do with a dirt bag politician. Though the power is alluring and she definitely has fallen for that BS charm.

  4. I’m more in favor of First Lady Rosario Dawson than I am President Cory Booker.



    • I hope they get to know each other and there’s a White House Wedding. It’s about time for the White House to be used for something beautiful. A young family in the White House…beautiful.

  7. We love powerful woman like her. We were inspired to start a new Podcast about Florida crazy people on history stories if you like please Stop by R page and sub

  8. Rosario Dawson is one of the top 10 sexiest Latina actresses of all time… no debating.

    • Top 10 sexiest Latina actresses of all time:

      Honorable Mention: Michelle Rodriguez

      10). Rosario Dawson
      9). Eva Longoria
      8). Penelope Cruz
      7). Zoe Saldana
      6). Jennifer Lopez
      5). Jessica Alba
      4). Roselyn Sanchez
      3). Sofia Vergara
      2). Eva Mendes
      1). Salma Hayek

    • She is sexy for sure but can u even name 9 other Latina actresses without googling first?

  9. Rosario Dawson only messes with Super Heroes and that’s who we need for a President…. Luke Cage

  10. Awww how cute. :)) I was hoping that they were a thing. Idk if they will get married but I ship them 💯💯👏🏽👏🏽

  11. Race Card Booker is dating – WOW !
    Lemon Jussie will be heart broken

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