Ex-N.W.A. Manager Jerry Heller — Eazy-E DISRESPECTED In Biopic | TMZ

The bad blood still runs deep … Ex-NWA manager Jerry Heller tells TMZ it was a slap in the face to Eazy-E to shut his son out of the audition process for the upcoming movie.

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Ex-N.W.A. Manager Jerry Heller — Eazy-E DISRESPECTED In Biopic | TMZ



  1. All that Jerry Heller wants, is just respect for Eazy-E. I really hope that Dre at least respects that, not make a whole movie about making himself like some idol.

    • Everyone knows Westside had the Best Rappers, for me the best rapper is Tupac the guy had over 700 songs written by hisself Eazy e was rapping already in the end of 80s but most of his songs were not written by him most of them were written by Ice Cube.

    • yup i love tupac but he realy from the east coast he was more like a west coast pioneer

    • And on top of that pac isn’t originally from the west coast he’s from the Bronx ny I’m sorry but eazy should get all the credit for the west Coast

  2. im a fan of ice cube and dr dre and am definitely excited for this biopic. that being said, i do believe that that was pretty poor decision making of ice cube as a producer to completely shut out eazy’s son and jerry heller. and this is not the first time theres been a complaint of not including people in eazy’s circle.

    I understand that ice cube had a falling out with heller and that theres bad blood, but as a producer and businessman, its really your job to not let emotions and personal issues get in the way of doing something as important as a biopic film feature.

    whether he likes heller or not, both heller and eazy were very big parts of the nwa history and a big part of the story. completely shutting them out, not even including them in the film making process, and not letting eazy’s own flesh and blood so much as even audition is pretty petty and disappointing coming from a man of ice cubes stature.

    thats pretty childish, and he should realize the huge opportunity he has here, this biopic is major history in the making, and he’s letting his personal grudges get in the way of making a non biased and non one sided project.

    of course im excited to see the movie and will buy tickets immediately. i saw the australain trailer and was blown away. but being a fan of ice cube or any celebrity shouldn’t give you a license to be blindly biased and not be critical when they do something thats not right

  3. Something a lot of you idiots don’t understand is is that Heller and Eazy were business partners. Eazy and Heller founded Ruthless and even after nwa broke up they remained partners until they died. All you gotta do is do research

  4. All in all jerry heller was the one of the main reasons why everyone in NWA are successful. But also one of the main reasons why NWA broke up and things unfolded so negatively after the break up. But jerry did defend NWA when back then rap music was not permitted and he got them a record deal and major distribution outlets to be successful

    • jay scott he may fucked up ice cube but it was jerry who opened the doors for the nwa members and made them famous

    • jay scott The real visualizers were N.W.A. He exploited them. It’s not as though no one else would have signed them. He just got lucky.

  5. Eazy’s son was given a chance to audition for the role but it was ultimately decided he was not a strong enough actor to pull it off. He didn’t seem to be upset in the interview I saw.

    • +West coast Dre Business is business…but this relationship was epic, not just about money….Plus, both Jerry and EZ were about money, they helped each other.

  6. it was a sad moment in the film when Eric fired Jerry.
    I know that Jerry was to blame for everything but still it was a sad moment. R.I.P. Eric Wright and Jerry Heller!!

  7. If it wasn’t for this jew u rappers wouldn’t of been where your at now. May he r.i.paradise.

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