Turbo from ‘Breakin’ — Hey Jimmy Kimmel, My Pop and Lock STILL Cleans Up | TMZ

Jimmy Kimmel called out the guy who played Turbo in the 'Breakin'' '80s flicks … and now he's responding to prove he still has the break dance moves that made him famous.



    • Actually turbo and Ozone had a falling out. If you were to do an interview with him his agent would request that no questions be asked about Turbo to Ozone. Still don’t know if they’re talking or not but that was what I was told.

    • I interviewed Shabba Doo(Ozone)on my radio show and he really didn’t have much to say about Shrimp.

    • tradeit I was born on January 18th 1995 and I’ve grow up watching them and I’m 24 years old. I understand more better than anyone so you don’t have to be born in the 80s to understand, my mom was in the 80s and I’m born with microcephaly,I’m dissabled and I understand more and I even love all 40s up to all those days music. My uncle is Sean Paul that’s the Jamaican singer and he married one of my cousins cousins family members and we knew him. Some of my family knew bob marleys family too.

    • wayne, come on dude knock it off! when was the last time you watched breaking or beat street? go have a laugh and hit me back!

  1. Now If I can see him dance upside down on the ceiling like he did in Breaking 2 Electric Bagaloo that would be a perfect way to end the year lol💃

  2. That’s funny, because ‘Breakin’ aired on TV earlier today. Shout out to Electric Boogaloo… the broom scene was my favorite part of the movie.

  3. Stay in shape is the name of the game. God bless him for still being able to move like that at his age. Crazy legs from Rock Steady Crew is another example

    • Aaron Davis tacos let himself go a little to but his moves are still rock solid tight! practice is the name of the game! every day all day… pop pop pop pop sssshwish bam pop pop bam pop sssshwish lock pop…… god bless popintaco, the best period. he can’t break but his stand up is so tight!

  4. saddens me seeing the shitty comments about him being older slower fatter from all these keyboard warriors who probably weren’t around in the 80’s. He deserves respect as an iconic dancer for his time.

    • Actually he’s in very good shape now as of 2019, leaner then this.. still looks the same as he did back in the day minus the hair.

    • This guy was a great athlete. It’s very hard to keep that level as you age. He’s like 50 years old here. Let’s see you 50 year old haters do better.

  5. Dude was a pioneer of many moves. Good to see him representing Wilmington in the Southbay.

  6. Some of us are showing our age I remember breaking on the card board next to the stolen regal lmao

  7. He still and will always be the greatest glide walker of all time. He’s older but back in his day he was untouchable and a joy to watch on Hollywood Blvd and the Radiotron. God bless this true instrument an innovator of dance❤️❤️❤️ Much love and respect!

  8. People do realize that this guy was one of Michael Jackson’s teachers and had a huge influence on him right?

    • +Rasheed Lewis you guys are not smart, Jeffrey Daniel from Shalamar was the one who invented the moonwalk and was a teacher of MJ. Go watch a night to remember from shalamar

    • ​+Destroying Sanity The originator of the moonwalk was a tap dancer named Bill Bailey. At the time, he referred to it as “The Backslide,” and can be seen doing it as early as 1943 in a film called Cabin In the Sky. He can also be seen doing the moonwalk in a 1955 performance in New York City.

    • +freshprincess lol i just saw it, its legit bro. I wasnt even born back then so I would have never known

    • +freshprincess Yep he and John Bubbles where some of the best tappers ever. Michael took more of his style from John, and James Brown in my opinion. He even named Bubbles the chimp after John lol. Nice to see young people no history. 🙌

    • +David Butler Now, I didn’t know that’s where Bubbles got his name from lol. Great fun fact! Thanks. I was born a millennial with a vintage soul. I just adore artists of all forms from decades and centuries ago. I genuinely believe that nothing compares to the richness of past entertainers. I feel it’s missing from mainstream as we know it today.

  9. People talk about him and don’t even know him he is a really great guy I can say that he is a really good friend of mine great personality humor and heart. Ps don’t judge people without knowing who they really are and what they been trough

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