Footage Shows Conor McGregor Stomping A Cell Phone | TMZ TV

Here it is … footage showing Conor McGregor stomping out a cell phone in front of the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami — and it's LOUD.


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  1. I really think tmz leaves babcock there to piss off the viewers lol doesnt know anything about sports and they have him on tmz sports.l!!! Or maybe i just hate him

    • Half the reporters and analyst on espn have never played sports. Mike Leach has never played football before and he is a head coach.

    • +Colby Williams i said HE DOESNT KNOW SPORTS not that he hasnt played sports learn how to read

    • Did you miss that part where he also smashed a bus, and could have literally killed or paralyzed someone If the dolly hit someone’s head? He has a track record and was supposed to behave, but he couldn’t. Breaking people’s property like you own the damn place isn’t acceptable behavior. You have no right to privacy in a public space, so if you see a black or brown man with a phone and don’t like it, it’s better to stay at home rather than having a violent outburst. Because he can take all the photos he want when he’s out in public, especially in a damn tourist spot.

  2. he obviously didn’t just randomly stomp the dude’s phone. I wonder what the guy did to make him angry? But i guess the point is when you’re already on thin ice, why be dumb enough to do something like that? He has too much going for him, he should know better.

  3. He is a violent foreigner that keeps commiting crimes. Trump should send ice to pick him up and have him deported.

  4. Cover his alleged rape of the Irish girl too afraid to name him that had to have her tampon surgically removed from her cervix. Why isn’t this being covered outside of Ireland, why did he go to Miami when it was released. Why is Ireland no longer reporting on it. Everyone believes he’s covered it up.

  5. Wtf 15 years for a phone, but 7 years for killing and raping someone. Something is wrong with our justice system.

  6. He should absolutely be deported and never allowed in the US again. Especially considering his status as a celebrity and taking advantage of this type of high status.

  7. Yeah he asked to be famous but he is also a fighter and human… How many of us have limits before we react with our hands? I’m pretty sure most of us. Was it ok, of course not but neither is looking at 15 years.This is an example of this legal system in America.

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