Gary Coleman, Ex-Wife Starred in Reality TV Pilot | TMZ

Gary Coleman and his ex-wife Shannon Price shot a reality show pilot that showed the couple going through marital difficulties — and money seemed to be a major issue between the two.

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Gary Coleman, Ex-Wife Starred in Reality TV Pilot | TMZ


  1. My view on Gary Coleman is he was bitter he was troubled & he seems like he was in poor health, I think Hollywood screwed him over, I feel sorry he became so bitter because when one walks around so bitter then one tends to push people away, I wish he was more humbled & realized that so many fans were in his corner & only wished him well in ilfe, R.I.P. Gary Coleman

  2. This woman is a murderer. A selfish, unintelligent, fame-seeking, ghoul who has no shame or integrity at all. She killed him. I have no doubt in my mind. The plug should have never been pulled and she had no right to make that choice. I think she attacked him & finished him when she got the power to turn off his life support. Such an injustice. She made his life worse and then took it from him. Horrid. 

    • +Daniel “Elijah” Maximoff maybe we can get together and you can finger me. kiss my forehead. knead my teats. one time, I danced with a boy, but he wouldn’t kiss me. I ended up killing his pets.

    • I’m sure the police did a thorough investigation of the crime scene and couldn’t find ANYTHING wrong… I mean isn’t that what they do every time they murder a black guy?

  3. That’s one nasty looking devil. Gary could have done a whole lot better.

    • He had a screw lose and was lucky to get anyone with his life attitude which is a direct result of his parents putting him through that child actor period he later grew to hate so much. I bet you worship his parents though, huh?

    • Neither do the kneegroes. Should have been a match made in heaven. Lmao 😂

    • Stephone the jerk No…it’s just that we don’t tolerate idiot chuckle-head ignoramuses, because they suck the soul out of us.
      At least you’ve named yourself appropriately though. x

    • if you look into the archives of interviews he did in the 90’s. just so happens that you can’t watch the on youtube now. He’d taken them to court an everything. So sad that he was treated unfairly by them and Hollywood.

    • +Capitán Obvious – Actually he did speak about his feelings towards his parents. He also sued them to try to get back some of the money they stold from him. So that pretty much sums up how he felt about them.

    • His family failed to protect him and she knew. She is worse than just a gold digger , she sniffed out an isolated vulnerable .

  4. This woman just makes me cringe, she just looks like another angry red head and has obvious sociopathic tendencies.

    • I didn’t see a conga line of women lining up to marry him. He was lucky to get her. He had a screw lose. Child actors usually turn out like this. His parents are to blame for what he became.

    • Exactly! Thank you!! I said the same thing to myself. I watch an interview of Todd Bridges! His co-star. And he mention that when Gary was sick! When he was rejecting the kidney! He was throwing up on the set! He had a kidney disease!

  5. Damn she was ugly. Poor Gary got screwed by everyone and never even got a reach around. RIP Gary.

    • He was lucky to have her. No one else would have him. He hated the world for what his parents put him through as a child actor. In his last days, he was living and speaking with her OK, but not his parents. What child hates his parents so much that he stopped talking to them for 15+ years? Go figure.

    • +Capitán Obvious – You are nuts. She just used him for his fame, hoping to get an acting career through his connections, but things never went that way for her. If you actually watched other interviews that they did together and ones she’s done since you can easily see how vile she was/is. She just used him.

      I believe she murdered him also as do most people who have actually listened to the 911 recording. First of all she claimed that he fell down the stairs and “there was blood everywhere”, but she (very callously) told the 9
      dispatcher that she didn’t want to go downstairs to check on him because she couldn’t handle the sight of blood & was also afraid the stress of seeing him would cause her to have a seizure! What the hell??

      She very reluctantly walked down the stairs only after the 911 dispatcher kept asking her to go see if he was still breathing.

      When he “fell” down the stairs he hit the back of his head. The dispatcher kept asking his estranged wife to apply pressure to the back of his head to stop the bleeding until an ambulance could get there, but she refused to! She said she couldn’t handle the blood. Instead she kept telling Gary Coleman to apply pressure to his head himself! And she sounded aggravated that he couldn’t do it because as she stated herself- he “was too out of it”.

      First off, if she truly cared about him even a little bit how could she not do everything in her power to help him?? Nobody enjoys the sight of blood, but we’re talking about a man’s life here. They were separated at the time, but living together as roommates. Things hadn’t been good with them for awhile actually, so I feel like she had motive. If she had applied pressure to his wound to help stop the blood loss maybe he would still be alive. She sounded so cold hearted and non chalant about the entire thing. Go listen to the 911 recording. It’s on Youtube. Go watch other interviews and see what a nasty, opportunistic piece of crap that woman is.

      There is plenty of evidence to suggest that she killed him. I also seem to recall another recording where you can hear him telling her to get away from him. It also sounds like he said “why did you push me?” in the 911 call. It’s faint, but you can hear it.

      Her actions definitely were NOT of a loving wife or even a friend. She was just using him all along in hopes of helping her own career.

      As far as his relationship with his parents go- Were you there to know the problems he went through with them? Did you know about all the serious health issues he had as a child and be forced to work at times even when he was very sick?? He also claimed that his parents took most of his earnings from Different Strokes (over a million dollars) and kept it for themselves. He had to find odd jobs here and there just to survive after his acting career was basically over. He had little money in savings. After all the years he invested in that show and other movies and things he did as a child he was left with basically nothing to show for it. He had a lot of resentment towards his parents. That would be a pretty hard thing to forgive.

      So for you to say he was lucky to have his wife and parents is pretty crazy. If he was angry at times he had reasons to be. People took advantage of him a lot which is what made him distrustful.

    • You’d be a liability in the army, as you’d keep attacking people on your own side. Go away and think about how stupid you are.

    • What the hell is a Soto anyway? Some wet back or black minority group that cries for hand outs and free Obama phones? Trump won, get over it.

    • Soto is the name of my cat, my wife named him after the street she use to live on, yet I doubt you’re replying to the right person considering I am NONE of those things, but you are quite dumb, seeing as how you have a coal burner sow for a mum.

    • +Capitán Obvious – There is no such thing as reverse racism. There is simply racism period.
      And how exactly is it racist for someone to say that his ex wife resembled a character in Noploean Dynamite?? Do you even know what the word ‘racist’ means??

  6. I am 100% sure if Gary will have still been alive if he wasn’t with this gold digger. I love Gary so much!

  7. gary wanted a wife instead found a trashy REDHEADED freak he deserved so much better..for all the laughs he gave the country. up until his ran out.. rip Gary.

  8. she legally got away with murdering her Hut ex-husband stupid cops ain’t going to do an investigation he’s bleeding from the head she’s not going to spend time with him come on a stupid can the authorities really be unless they’re actually paid off as well

  9. Listen to her 911 call. It’s astonishing, and horrifying to hear what kind of person she is.

  10. Gary so correct about people…hence my decision to let a few quality ones into my circle!

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