George Lopez Rips Ted Cruz’s Plan To Use El Chapo’s Money For Border Wall | TMZ

George Lopez is tearing Ted Cruz to shreds over his idea to use money seized from El Chapo to fund President Trump's proposed border wall


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    • you will never be out of debt because your federal reserve is a pvt organisation. you should do some research

    • Let’s think about this…schools are being filled with more and more immigrant children since that’s the way to currently get your illegal ticket in. How do you suppose that trickles down into the welfare system, housing, and lack of community improvement?!? WAKE UP. 🤦🏻‍♀️👀

  1. El Chapo killed and ruined thousands of lives with his drugs coming from Mexico.
    This why his dirty money should be used to stop dirty people like him to enter the US

    • Chapo is actually very loved in Mexico for what he does for his city and I’m not talking about the drugs

    • No one put a gun to those ppls heads&said sniff this coke or smoke this meth he provided a service millions of America’s paid for

    • If am not Mexican then I cant judge anyone from there. I heard Mexicans say al chapo helped them so I cant really say since am I dont know him and not from that side

  2. What’s George doing to help anything? He hasn’t even visited the border. He a traitor to Americans. He more worried about illegals instead of who gave him his career.

    • This man literally gave examples on how to help the u.s. give flint fresh water, make schools more safe. Did you miss all that? Those are issues in the u.s. the wall is dumb and a waste of money. Actually helping people with the money is what we need.

  3. George Lopez, the guy that cheated on his wife that had cancer at the time as well. Good guy.

  4. I’m from Flint. Im 14 and have to use water bottles. Someone finally recongnize what Flint needs

    • Faze blade gaming04 being that your only 14 yrs old and have all these negative comments let’s you know what type of world we’re living in. Keep your head up and for those who haven’t yet done what they should of already done to better the situation just know that there Day will eventually come.Until then continue drinking bottle water and y’all put a organization together to vote all them bad seeds OUT!!

    • SuckaFree215 You wanna provide us with the money to move out? If you can’t do that then stfu

  5. Now I know why his show was canceled. TBS refused to pay for his maternity leave. He’s been carrying that baby around for a while now.

  6. Where there is money and power involved it gets dark y’all instead of getting mad or angry y’all should work together instead to live in peace with one another

  7. I love George Lopez but come on! We have to have a resolution with illegal immigration. He suggest taking care of what we already have, doesn’t that line of thinking dovetail perfectly with border control? We need to take care of our own not more undocumented people to feed, clothe and house. Just my humble opinion. No hate!

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