Get to Know Social Media Icon Dan Bilzerian | The Comment Section | E!

Michael Kosta gets the polarizing social media icon to explain why he is so talked about! Take a look.


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Get to Know Social Media Icon Dan Bilzerian | The Comment Section | E!


  1. I dont understand how people talk trash about this guy. He is just living his life minding his own business. I would love to hang out with this guy for a month.

    • +veniblanco lol if there is one thing he is not doing it is minding his own business

    • +Grace Onto You Unless your poor living in a dumpster you can consider everyone everyone your life a leech.

    • myfastgti07 If he admitted that he got all the money from a trust fund, then he wouldn’t get nearly as much hate. One of the major problems people have is that he lies about how he became rich. He got his money from his father Paul Bilzerian. He did not earn one dollar of it playing poker. If he earned 50 million playing poker he would be one of the winningest players in history. But he sucks at poker. Watch Doug Polk’s video on how good he really is if you don’t believe me. (Doug Polk – one of the Best no-limit holdem players in the world and has over 5 million dollars in REAL live poker earnings.

    • myfastgti07 minding his own business? lol, more like flaunting his own business

  2. Hes not a professional poker player……he has no tournament winnings, hes never even said what his online name is, and hes never played in a televised cash game.

    • +Darius RapMusic He said he doesnt like playing with Proffessionals in highstakes cash-games, and he is very right, U gotta play with fishes you have edge over… BrokeLiving once won $200,000 from him in a NL Game i was very very aware of

    • +Fedor Amuricano but Dan is also a fish. If Dan plays poker he is probably the fish in the game.

    • heroinhero69, pal women are attracted to money, power and fame. It’s been this way forever.

    • yeah if he offered you to his yacht to party, you would be on there too. don’t lie to yourself

    • No there not there attracted to is money most of the girls on is vids are payed to come some are invited and etc… There prostitutes . But a fancier version of a prostitute.

    • When your net worth is upwards of $100 million women are attracted to anything (like moths to a flame)….

  3. This guy is like what Sterling Archer would be like if he existed in real life and didn’t have a full time job as an international spy.

  4. He’s house is full of guns and he sleeps with a goat. Maybe he really is ISIS.

  5. Love him or hate him, what guy wouldnt want to be a multi millionaire, shoot things, have super cars and be draped in women?

    • +Archi Med I just found him on facebook, mostly because we have the same style. Seems like a fun guy to party, minus the drugs.

  6. 0:49 – Love him or hate him… this guy will NEVER have a dull story to tell! 🙂

  7. He actually seemed like a funny guy. I wouldn’t judge the book by it’s cover.

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