Gloria Allred Firmly Believes Michael Jackson Was a Child Molester | TMZ

Gloria Allred says there's no way around it — Michael Jackson's legacy is just as much about being a sexual predator as it is about his music.


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  1. Gloria should take Michael’s advice and go to hell. And take her daughter with her who was a lawyer for Weinstein at one point

  2. If your next door neighbor was a single man who had a big playground in his backyard and entertained kids and invited them over for “sleepovers”…

    • Max Paxton The FBI monitored Michael Jackson for 10 Years and found nothing. Your whole view point of the situation lacks context.

    • We all know that not guilty doesn’t = Truth. She got a point the man had predatory behavior.

    • Max Paxton wtf ? Does playing with kids and giving them gift means predatory behaviour. Did’nt you learn in school to share your belongings with underprivileged and be kind to one another. Also regarding sleepovers he said same room not same bed and nothing sexual in the same sentence. You are just brainwashed moron .

  3. This shemale was caught selling fake Michael Jackson stories to tabloids for 500 000 dollars. Also the FBI investigated MJ for over a decade and they found literally nothing that says he is guilty. Facts don’t lie, people do

    • Factless fanatic: 23 million in hush money trumps your bs. No the FBI did not investigate him for over a decade. They never said they found nothing “literally” nothing, moron4life.

    • Anon Emous Lol what a sad human. You probably think you did something there huh? Commenting under everyone’s comments desperately trying to get your point across. 23 million in hush money? Lol we LOVE made up lies. Why? Cause it makes y’all look even MORE dumb. It was a 20 million settlement out of court done by his estate and lawyers without his consent because he was in the middle of tour. He wanted to fight back. And you’re right about him not being investigated for over a decade by the FBI. It was over TWO decades by the FBI and they found absolutely fucking NOTHING. Oh I’m lying? Be my guest in correcting me cause I’m sure you’ve done the research! I’ll wait.

  4. He was exonerated for both the 1993 allegations and the 2005 allegations when he had his day in court in 2005. He went through the justice system like every other American is expected to and was acquitted. He had his day in court, let the man rest. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for pushing this harmful, false narrative when there is a plethora of evidence proving this man’s innocence. America media is one of the many roaches complicit in killing Michael Jackson. Pathetic.

  5. Let it go. If he’s guilty im sure he’s reaping what he sowed on the other side. I personally don’t think he could harm anyone like that.

  6. Has she ever met him to come to this conclusion? I feel as though you should not judge anyone until you know them. Also, if there is evidence showing that they are innocent. Have a blessed day everybody.

  7. Facts dont lie. Michael was completly innocent. Anyone who thinks otherwise are completly deluded and brainwashed. Simple

    • Obviously you know about being brainwashed because that sicko jackoff is in hell paying for everything he done

    • +Elisa Griffith Wacko fanatics are the most ignorant lot on the planet. What I find telling is that some of the older Jacko fanatics are interacting with under age ones online. Eeek!

  8. Shame on Gloria Allred for jumping to such conclusions without subtiquent evidence and shame on TMZ for promoting the ever so easy Jackson’s guilty narrative despite him being vindicated in life and there being no proof presented by the accusing party. A party consisting of two men who’ve continuously, openly defended Jackson, one having done so under oath as an adult man, and who are now seeking legal compensation from his estate despite claiming non of this was for money. Shame on anyone who thinks it’s acceptable to assume someone’s guilty before they’ve been proven innocent, especially when said innocent man isn’t even here to defend himself.

    • Waste case troll as you have no shame and no life. 23 million in hush money trumps your bull shat. You truly are a very sick person because you keep getting proven wrong and you deliberately ignore reality.

  9. All the allegations against and investigations into Michael Jackson have amounted to nothing.
    This included a criminal trial, a painstaking police raid and search of Neverland and another property plus a 300-page FBI investigative file on him.They turned up zero proof that Michael Jackson abused any children, ever.

    • That’s where Wacko Jacko is. Why not join him now? It’s not like you’re not going to end up there anyway.

  10. Thanks so much for standing up for the innocent people and children. They have been threatened and intimidated and you jackoff bought them all off. Nation of Islam and very organized gangs involved how can people be so ignorent and disrespectful to protect a bastard like him.

  11. Jackson fans have got to stop attacking people who believe he was a child molester. They just need to stop. This lady has no reason to be anti Michael or out for fame or money, she’s giving her honest opinion. The truth will come out. As a fan of Michael , I cannot and will not claim to know whether he was innocent or guilty.

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