21 Savage’s Visa Application May Have Triggered Arrest | TMZ TV

21 Savage was not turned over to ICE by the Dekalb County Police… turns out, ICE was on the scene when they pulled over the car in which the rapper was riding.


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  1. SOMEBODY ratted him out! You mean to tell me all that time he’s been famous, going through all them court cases, NO ONE knew he was illegal???! SOMEONE TOLD! But who would do it? Someone close with a grudge. Maybe a bitter baby mama, a jealous ex, a close friend, a family member or someone in his crew that he was supporting financially. They probably had a fallout and he cut them off. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, but what happens when you stop feeding them??? A hungry dog will bite! Your crew is only as loyal as their last meal.

  2. They have Always Known his Status in this country. He paid too many Taxes to be overlooked . Im calling BS

    • +treywar25 He knew, if you let him go then you have to let everyone else go that committed crimes in America.

    • +All About them BENjamin’s TV The law is the law, sad for him but he have to get deported. He’s here illegally and a felon, its going to be a while before he get approved for a visa.

    • Taxes don’t have much to do with citizenship status. The IRS doesn’t care your status… they just want you to pay taxes.

    • No one knew let’s be 💯not until the government was notified ya but paying taxes doesnt cauee investigations ut keeps things hush if anything but this dude is what’s wrong with America wolves in sheeps clothing misleading the youth down the wrong path

  3. So yall gonna blame it on the application that he filed instead of the female that called ICE? Is that what we doing now TMZ?


  5. If his Visa expired and overstayed his welcome then he should be deported and refused entry back into the US which has happened to so many other people through the years. No symphoney for him since he has been exposed by the UK tabloids as a fake rapper with a fake persona.

    • Lavetta Lewis Yes !! He’s on ICE Custody…waiting to be Deported if his lawyers don’t come with a new immigration law or something !! SMH

    • +Junito Punto Comm His lawyers can’t come up with a new law. The only person that can save him is the Trump Administration. They hell bent getting rid of illegals especially the ones that committed crimes and he’s a felon.

    • +Junito Punto Comm Thank you, it seem majority of ppl don’t understand how the system works. Celebrities calling it racist & BLM’S when its not. He’s parents screwed up then he made his situation worst.

    • mrcooldeadly85 Facts !! That’s the hard true and it happens over and over again…but they don’t learn !! SMH look at 6IX9INE situation…another guy who made it and everything is over now because of his bad choices.

  6. He would’ve got his visa if He would’ve had a clean record…his Felony blocked everything !!

    • They’ve known he’s illegal…I bet my last dollar on it. Timing too perfect to be anything but calculated.

    • It’s not like he’s innocent. He broke the law. Sorry but if you don’t like it change the law. But no we don’t make congress do anything we just create sanctuary cities. If you really want change get those libs to come to the table. They don’t want it fixed because their donors need them to be illegal. That gives the donors the upper hand when hiring them. It’s moder day supported cheap slave labor. They have the young people actually arguing for labor to undercut the average workers. I hear it from the youth all the time. They are always saying “do you want to pay more for your vegetables” etc. The youth think they are fighting for the little man. They got the youth so dumb down. Illegals are the modern day slave. Who would think it would be the democratics pushing for it? Oh wait, anyone that knows history.

    • Trumpy Bear ok TRUMPy bear. Should the US refund every tax dollar he has paid in the last 13 years too? Since they were taking tax money from a non citizen? They didn’t have no problems with that did they?

  7. I think he’s trying to one up 69 to get bigger in the long run 👏😎 just a guess

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