‘Godfather’ Actor Says Italian Mob Would Never Kill Boss In Front of Home | TMZ

Gianni Russo wasn't just in "The Godfather," he claims to have deep mob ties — and tells TMZ there's NO WAY the hit on Gambino crime boss Frank Cali was carried out by the Italian mafia


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  1. In this day people are so comfortable talking about things on camera that I can’t understand it.

  2. Society have passed the Rubicon that rules apply as to what people will or won’t do.

  3. Tell that to Angelo Bruno.
    Doing the old fender bender lure out could have been the only way to get to him.
    Rules are broken when there’s enough money and power at stake.

    • They have but it wasn’t a mob hit. Take the Musitano’s for instance, shot in his drive way. Wife and kids at home. Its not the way the mob operates. Its the media and the police release info on the hitman/hitmen and unmarked vehicle. One, not Italian. Two, vehicle junkie. Its the media and police stating they are hitmen when in the mob they refer to it as rookie. A rookie hit. Meaning somewhere down the line someone within the the mob got into a row with someone outside of the mob and that person took matters into their own hands.

  4. Angelo Bruno (Philly boss) killed in front of home with shotgun blast

    Phil Testa (Philly boss) blown up on his front porch

    Tommy Eboli (Genovese boss) murdered in front of girlfriend’s home

    Original plan to kill Gambino Paul Castellano was to be right in front of his home

    Sam Giancana (Chicago Outfit boss) killed in his home while cooking sausage and peppers

    I can go on and on. So many bosses and mobsters killed in or near home.

  5. Welcome to the world of capitalism..

    If u make more money than me then it’s off with ur head.

  6. Ya they would if they couldn’t get him anywhere else….. And tell that to the Philadelphia don Angelo Bruno

    • It’s common knowledge. Even news reporters said this live on TV before tmz interviewed him.

  7. The mob what a classy organization of extortionists, murderers, and drug dealers smfh. Ppl have respect for these guys, why?

  8. 2 different conceptions this guy is an actor he doesn’t gain any stripes for insinuating a mafia persona

  9. Damn. I have been telling people for decades the mafia is still around and everyone refused to believe me.
    I can now arrest my case

  10. Bet it was Russia. They are trying to take over America’s underground . Something’s comming, like a movie 😎😎😎😎😎

  11. Lol , he cleared that up real quick . “I.. I.. don’t know him personally he’s not a friend” he didn’t want smoke on either side from law or thugs.

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