Guillermo del Toro Understands Why Quentin Tarantino Didn’t Blow Whistle on Harvey Weinstein | TMZ

Guillermo del Toro is a strong defender of Quentin Tarantino, saying he understands why Quentin didn't come forward years earlier to expose Harvey Weinstein.


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Guillermo del Toro Understands Why Quentin Tarantino Didn't Blow Whistle on Harvey Weinstein | TMZ


  1. why didn’t Weinstein wife turn him in? He probably did her like that when he met her

    • Kelvin Jackson she probably didn’t know. Psychopaths and predators are very intelligent in how they do their ‘business.’ They hide their nastiness very well, many times leading double lives. Also, it’s not rare to be married to someone and find out that they are leading a dark, secret life you had no clue about. I think she’s a victim.

  2. I completely understand why he didn’t say anything it’s just what I don’t understand is why the hell did you have to work with the man for 25 years I mean you could have literally gone to any other movie company in the industry but you chose to work with that man all your career knowing what he was doing to women WTF?!?

    • Well you have to understand in a business perspective. The Weinsteins were most competent in producing his films too.

    • because they all the same, the only difference is that he was exposed, maybe he was not that bad in the eyes of Tarantino comparing to others.

    • Zack Luke dude he knew about his girlfriend getting groped or harassed by him some way somehow she said it right to him I would have definitely confronted him or said something about it if that was me in my opinion he DID know everybody knew about it or at least heard it once he even said and I quote (I knew enough to do more than I did’) so that clarifies to me that he definitely knew it was going on & chose to look the other way and did nothing I get it if he was a newbie when he did Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs I would get it if you look the other way around that time because he worked his entire life to get into film and if you try to do something about it you would have never gotten a movie made ever again so maybe in some Twisted way I can understand that why he didn’t do anything what I don’t understand why the hell did you stick with this guy for years and didn’t and went to Sony or Universal For His other films like Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained he chose to stick with that fat bastard knowing what he did girlfriend and to God knows how many other women so the me I lost so much respect For The Guy

  3. Why interview Del Toro? He made a name for himself making indie horror films in Spain and Mexico, he comes from a different background in cinema.

    • itkojecockot depends on the crime really. You aren’t going to make a big fuss if some celebrity speeds on the highway and Quentin never knew the details just knew there was something going on. In the end if he exposed him it would probably not have made a difference.

    • Review God USA then why did he say, that he felt guilty not exposing him, if he didn’t know about any details…… doesn’t make any sense

    • itkojecockot he felt guilty he knew but he didn’t know the details of how serious it was. What difference would Tarantino have made if he said anthing? The only thing that could’ve changed things was if the actresses all got together and spoke up and they finally did.

    • Review God USA in 25 years he never came across any details? Despite being close friends and part of the Hollywood circle? His silence doesn’t bother me, its the fact that he continued collaborating with HW and would often chuckle with him on dinners and parties untill everything was in open.

  4. Harvey and Quentin were like brother and its always VERY hard to confront someone you love and sometimes it too late if you procrastinate confronting them i dont blame Quentin only Harvey, but Quentin could have maybe prevented more issues but couldn’t have reversed the damage Harvey had already done, at the end of the day you can only blame Harvey

    • I disagree. One of the reasons bad people continue to do bad things within systems is that people don’t call them out due to their fear of losing their place within the system. Plenty of people in Hollywood could have ended Weinstein’s terror but they refused to act because of their own self interest. It might be understandable, but it isn’t admirable and it sure as hell isn’t “brave”, as Del Toro claims. He just doesn’t want to rock the boat, again understandable, but hardly brave.

    • Menber , when Quentin , was talking about Polanski ? The famous ” 13 years old party girls ” …

    • I support victims of sexual abuse but outside the sad fact Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment and even rape he saved Hollywood from mediocrity. Maybe he could oversee the talent of some newcomers like del Toro but he took the right choice almost all the time. In the 1980s and before americans had little chance to watch foreing movies out of the grindhouse theaters, he chaged the distribution system. Without the Weinsteins is possible Mr. Del Toro didnt even had a chance of a wide distribution.

    • John Sullivan back in the 1980s major hollywood studios start to make garbage movies typical of grindhouse theaters like certain cheesy sex comedies and horror franchises. After Sex, Lies and Video Tapes (1989) they not just had a comeback into the form but they got art and independent cinema awarded with mainstream awards. This encoraged other studios to seek distribution for that kind of films. My comment is not against Guillermo del Toro, i think he is terrific but if we can enjoy his talent nowdays it was largely because the Weinstein Indie revolution in Hollywood. Tarantino, del Toro, Minguella, Soderberg and many others ought their successful careers not just to their talent but the Weinsteins.

    • John Sullivan i know is an unpopular opinion after what we know about Harvey Weinstein, it is why i make clear i support the victims of sexual abuse and certainly what he did is outrageous. Maybe someday we can talk about his place in hollywood history out of this.

    • John Sullivan The Weinsteins are producers and studio executives in the late years. Terry Gillian is great but we can just make the comparison with another filmmaker, del Toro for example. And about the criticism the movies they produced and his rise in the industry was thanks on how acclaimed his productions were. Of course they also produced explotative issues for the seasons like any other studio do but they keep a high profile with critics and awards. In fact, this is why make it to be as powerful to take advantage over so many hollywood stars. Roger Corman never had that kind of power, the troma guys neither, the great hollywood moguls have that kind of power and if this happened is because the competitive productions in the industry.

  5. Everybody in Hollywood knew Weinstein was a sexual predator, but chose to look the other way, because they were gaining something from that relationship.

  6. He allowed quentin the creative freedom in his movies is why i could imagine he worked for him for so many years. Has to be hard to have so many hands touch your art work.

  7. Guillermo del Torro is also Guilty!!!!!!

    Of eating those cookies with those cookie crumbs on his sweater.

  8. Weinstein was a beast but he was also a good producer and I’m guessing Tarantino wasn’t actually there when he was doing his lady diddling and therefore had no solid proof apart from rumours. With that, I doubt he’d go to the cops and essentially risk his entire career when he could’t actually prove anything, which would have maybe even resulted in Weinstein walking free from lack of evidence and then he could just play the victimised card from then on.

    Sometimes these things need to come out at the right time to get the right result.

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