Kevin Durant — I CAN’T AFFORD $1.4 MIL SUPERCAR … But Guess Who Can … | TMZ

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Kevin Durant got OUT-BALLED at a Hollywood club last night … when he walked right past a $1.4 million Pagani Huayra supercar and told the paps he COULDN'T AFFORD IT!

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Kevin Durant — I CAN'T AFFORD $1.4 MIL SUPERCAR … But Guess Who Can … | TMZ


  1. This guy says he can’t afford it when he’s already earned over 30 mil this year. Modest… I like it

    • llVll4J0RK1LL3R I believe him if he can’t afford it though because they’re so called “million dollar contract” money, makes 4 stops b4 it gets to the individual athlete… Don’t get caught up in the hype stik to the facts people n plus KD takes care of his family that’s “SOLID” N my book than a 1.4million dollar car

  2. There is a difference between being able to buy something and being able to afford something.

    For example, you have $100,000 in your account…. you can buy a $100,000 car but can you afford it?

    $100,000 gone!, how would you eat?, gas, electric bill, tax, family?, phone bill, clothes/Shoes….. etc etc. If you catch my drift

  3. These cars just made it to the states and had a big waiting list so whoever owns it has serious paper.

    • Austin Jones Id expect this kind of comment from the guy who’s dad and second cousin named after a city in Texas

    • David J. Titties, the 4th you calling him dumb, yet you couldn’t tell his comment was 3 years old…

  4. KD is too smart to spend his money like he’s got something to prove to people he doesn’t even know.

  5. Of course he can afford it, he donated a million dollars when the tornado hit Oklahoma. He is just smart with his money and doesn’t want to be broke after his basketball career.

    • donating money is just another way of paying taxes. instead of paying the full tax on the million which would be 400k. he gets to deduct the million from his income which in turn ends up making him look like a hero while catching a tax break

    • so his outta pocket donation is really only 600k and the other 400 is on uncle sams tab

  6. Stupid thing to say. Since when does men ask other men about what’s in their wallet? We all know he can buy 100 of these. Most people don’t want to flaunt their money and he’s a real down to earth dude. Is that how messed up our society has become that we don’t respect the principles of a man. The media is really annoying, everybody don’t want to be famous, maybe wealthy. KD is just another Larry Bird.

    I never understood why you need a car that go 200 mph if the speed limit in the city is 30. Just a waste of money. He doesn’t need it for show, he’s KD.

  7. Don’t get it twisted – KD has the money to BUY the car…but, in his estimation, he doesn’t have the money to AFFORD it. Heck; I could buy a Mercedes right now – but then I’d be living with a sibling and eating $1 pizza and my date would be buying gas.

    • Tomi Adewole Bro your numbers are way off. $30 million isn’t his net worth, he’s on a $26 million contract this year alone, not counting his endorsement deals that go way above his NBA salary. He can easily afford one of these cars

    • He’d rather spend money on his mom, family and friends, and people who need it more, I’m sure of that.

  8. KD is so humble man, the guy really is what nba needs, these flashy players go broke within 5 years of retiring, KD, lebron james & steph curry will be multi millionaires because they’re smart with their money.

    • Guess what. Some wealthy people are car enthusiasts.

      An impressive degree of engineering went into those vehicles. They are also immensely fun to drive.

      Maybe it’s because of my Mechanical engineering background that I enjoy these things but I see more value in having an appreation for something like a supercar than a 20,000 dollar Prada handbag.

      Just because people drive sports cars doesn’t mean they are petty. Sports cars is a hobby of mine since I was a child. It drove me to obtain a high skill level profession in engineering. What has your hobby allowed to accomplish?

    • Phillip Ofori – Amoyaw
      While these idiots who prove their wealth through cars will be broke 5 years after retirement

    • RED V Very true. No concept of basic money management whatsoever. Same with most Rappers.

  9. maybe because he’s on a budget so he doesn’t go broke a year after he retires…

  10. it’s probably not that he can’t afford, but that he’s not like all the other idiots who blow their money in a year.

  11. If I was a star athlete I’d drive the most basic car and live low-key. The internet would mock me but I wouldn’t care.

    • Um look at zuckerbergs car. People who aspire to do nothing with their lives only want to show off to random people lol

    • I wouldn’t mock I would respect that life style. If I had the life style I might by one sports car for the heck of it but I would only use money like I loved a normal life. As a basketball star everyone knows how much money u make u don’t need to flex for no reason

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