R. Kelly’s Alleged Captive Joycelyn Savage Speaks Out, I’m No Hostage | TMZ

The woman whose family claims R. Kelly is holding her in a "cult" has a message for the world — she's totally happy and okay … although she's keeping her whereabouts under wraps.


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R. Kelly's Alleged Captive Joycelyn Savage Speaks Out, I'm No Hostage | TMZ


    • Ona Nicole why did I go back to :44 lord Jesus somebody go save this girl so she can tell the truth she isssss BRAIN WASHHEEDD

    • +Top5NoQuestions she literally looks up and makes eye contact with someone behind the camera shortly after 0:44 and focuses her eye contact on someone behind the camera as if she is taking direction

  1. This caught my eye when he asked her the last question you can see a shadow telling her not to answer the question just look at her chest area

  2. She said… im 21…then she said I’m 22….then she said.. I won’t speak on that…. I won’t speak on that as well.. She sound nervous af!!!!!!

    • Jim Jon she sounds very Nervous and brainwashed She won’t even give out her location to the guy asking her questions

    • +Marvin Calloway would you give me your location?wtf are you on. she does seem brainwashed and being held captive

  3. LISTEN TO HER VOICE,she’s in fear 1:52 she quickly says “NO” she’s not free to leave…🤔am I the only one that peeped that?

    • +hedrickology When you look close you can absolutely see it. That specific video clip needs to be downloaded, clipped at 1:47, slowed down, and add increased contrast so that shadow/motion is extremely clear.

    • +Candice McConnell I watched this clip the first time, but didn’t see it. I think I might have been overtly focusing on her face for any micro movement that she was in fear or otherwise. I didn’t see the shadow until the second time around after reading it in the comments. I think it is such an important element of the video and I can’t believe it hasn’t been shown/discussed on the news!

  4. Sooooooo um no one is going to mention the fact that she’s wearing a turtleneck in July huh?? Atl temp today 90 degrees, Chicago 73 degrees. She needs to go home. If anything to just clear the air with her parents that obviously care for her.

    • Good question David… I can tell you her mom shut down her boutique shop (wigs, heels, jewels, etc) in ATL , her father Jim used to ve or still is a car saleman on the high end of cars retail… in a video i found her father voiced that he provided R. Kelly with money (10k) to ignite his daughte Jocelyn’s career. From what i have found to be true, from the very beginning her parents fought for their daughter’s love. Agape love trumps wealth always. Her parents are not struggling. This man (Robert Sly Kelly) pissed on an underage protege of his whom simply wanted to continue her music career which he help start (well, the group she was in). He has deep seated mother issues

    • I hope she isn’t hiding scars or bruises by covering up like that in this weather. R. Kelly is really creepy.

  5. R Kelly always referenced himself as the “PIED PIPER” meaning: Pied Piper

    A pedophile, reference to old children’s tale where a flute player lures children into his dungeon as punishment to the adults of the village

    • This video proves everything with that particular lady. R Kelly is guilty. I personally think he won’t get convicted on all ten counts. But he’ll get convicted of at least half of them

  6. hahaha, “are you free to go from where you are? No, I won’t speak on that.” If that’s not a sign of being held against her will or just plain brainwashed then idk what is

  7. She’s incoherent.. her sentences aren’t running smoothly. She seems nervous. She won’t give her location. She won’t speak on her living conditions. She’s obviously hiding something. My heart goes out to her and the rest of those women. Celebrity power in America is crazy.

  8. Interviewer: “Are u with other roommates? Are u free to go from where u are?”

    Joycelyn: “Ah no, *nervous voice and hands*. I won’t speak on that as well”.

    That told me all I needed to hear. Sumone asks u whether or not ur free to leave where u are on ur own, and u can’t speak on that? If u aren’t being supervised 24/7 against ur will, u would absolutely be free to come and go as u wanted without permission.

  9. Shes telling Liesssss . R Kelly has always been a Pedophile since Aaliyah time for real i thought people knew about him .He should have been in jail Long time ago. He is disgusting.

  10. OMG at 1:51 you can totally see a shadow that looks like its telling her not to speak. Someone else pointed this out too me. That’s crazy.

    • Ok..u guys really want go believe these paranoid fantasies for no reason talking about a hand. ….the same thing was done to tupac in an interview, he’s lawyers and handlers didn’t want him to speak about certain things during an interview..it happens to many people especially during a time where someone is being accused of a serious crime. She’s not being held against her will She just wants her privacy because if she was being held against her will the police could get her and her location immediately..its not a movie folks it’s real life stop trying to believe these women now that the checks stopped coming. Did he pissed on a lil girl..mostlikely…did he married so and do at 15..probably but are these new women being vindictive all of a sudden for money because they know he got away from pissing on a girl?? Yes , hell yes…smh..

    • Wow your absolutely right I seen this video before but never noticed that until now..

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