Herman Cain Says Black People Are Brainwashed to Hate President Trump | TMZ

Herman Cain — one of President Trump's close pals — insists POTUS has done a lot for African-Americans, but says black people still hate him because the media's messing with their minds.


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    • +rick mckinnon I have disagreed with a black person many times, have yet to be called a racist. Hmmm…. Wonder why!!!

    • +rick mckinnon Interesting. Now, you lost all reverence & are compartmentalizing.

    • +Steban Lewansky No; actions speaks louder than words and his actions says racist..And how the hell you going to tell black ppl that their feelings are wrong about Trump being racist? Are you black, do you know what its like to be black? I didn’t think so. Instead of you telling us (black ppl) we are wrong about Trump being a racist maybe you should listen to why we see him as a racist! A 10% approval rating with African-Americans is NOT A GOOD THING ..Trust me I know; because Im an African-American…But this was a healthy discussion I must say.

    • Corrynthia I AM I’m Hispanic, I’m a Minority never said Black people, my community is also stupid following the crowds never really thinking outside the box, never looking at the mirror and forcing themselves to change, they go with the narrative to blame others, Democrats use this for votes and to keep them slaves. Lack of knowledge.

  1. Lmao whoever takes tmz seriously about politics shouldn’t of graduated high school

    • +Jesus Perez Censorship, taking away freedoms seems like a great idea to those who base their beliefs off of fallacies but it is very much a double edged sword as much as it stabs us it stabs them too. Speaking of getting Americans killed for a long time now our adversaries in the middle east like Al-Qaeda and ISIS. They’re using our own weapons against us that they buy whole sale. From our government. A lot of death has come out of these wars and US oil companies getting their stakes in the middle east and more war is all it has lead to. To be honest I’m 19 now and I’ve been paying attention to politics since I was 10. I love it but an absolute truth that I’ve learned is that it’s all a big misdirection from what’s really happening. Big corporations and donors control everything in that world. It’s not just a Western threat either. Power hungry people want everything. It’s very much a world issue and a serious one even if it doesn’t seem like it right now. Paying attention and studying politics is crucial to understanding the world that we live in so as it is useless it is also useful in some ways. I’m really glad that we’re having this awesome conversation. They are very rare


  3. Not just blacks. The media is brainwashing/lying to everyone. Anyone who supports him will be viciously attacked by the unhinged mob.

    • The violent Left will become more unhinged when the spying by Obama and the IC gets uncovered by the DOJ.

    • +Mywork777 Spying? The FBI is doing their job. Maybe respect law enforcement.

    • Grαทtت Maybe respect the constitution, dead beat. Surveillance of citizens private conversations and correspondence is a violation of the 4th Amendment. IT IS ILLEGAL. Obama who spied on reporters of the press then spied on Trump starting when he was a private citizen via the FISA court which is an abuse of power that amounts to treason. Obama, John Brennan, Comey, Clapper, etc will be in serious trouble now that Barr is investigating.

    • +Mywork777 Obama spying?!? Damn you guys have lost it. Stop listening to that idiot Alex Jones. Violent? Do you really wanna talk about violence?
      The left aren’t the one’s planting bombs, burning down black historical churches, committing mass shootings. The left aren’t the ones driving cars through a crowd of people. The left weren’t the ones putting up nazi salutes the day trump became president. The left aren’t the ones walking around chanting “you will not replace us”.
      It’s the right who are violent and do nothing but promote hate, then y’all wanna play the victims. GTFO.

  4. Politics are all BS. Very easy they all lie, they don’t tell us the truth. It’s not brainwashing it’s called politics. I’m not voting never have hopefully never will. But trump wins again pretty easy.

  5. Really!! Focus!! Who’s really brainwashed! Be sure to taste your words. Before you spit them out!

  6. We need more people like u who think for themselves like Kanye West. Most blacks think to look good u need to be submissive to the media


  7. Mainstream Media is influential but equally CULTural Ignorance CONtinue to CONtrol the narrative as well. It’s more Fashionable to follow the common types whom emotional follow the common types than to go against the gain of life an think outside the BOX. When it comes to justifying most individuals who don’t identify with these particular things that are CONsidered NEGATIVE BEHAVIOUR unbecoming for a PRESIDENT of the United State. Sadly it’s coming from the lower SOCIAL ECONOMICAL demographic group who equally embraced this same particular type of behaviour so-called illustrated by this particular leader. Not long ago late 80’s early 90’s his excessive lifestyle of wealth an braggadocious swagger was all the rage. I can believe the urban communities have a tendency to follow whatever is trending. 400yrs plus a SLAVE mindSET sounds like a CHOICE Kanye West said regarding the MENTALITY of a easily infectious INFLUENCE CULTure of mainstream mindless ignorances that CONtinue to plague the urban communities. *FREE THINKERS@ Kanye West

  8. Ha this guy’s not woke. If he was he would be part of the resistance like me. Because I believe whatever the corporate mainstream media and TMZ tell me. Power to the people

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