I Am Cait | Caitlyn and Candis Meet With Dating Matchmaker | E!

Jenner is caught off guard when Candis reveals she wants her to fill out a dating survey. Will Caitlyn try and find her match? Find out on "I Am Cait."

"I Am Cait" Season 2 Returns in 2016


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I Am Cait | Caitlyn and Candis Meet With Dating Matchmaker | E!


    • +JuiceBrenner She-Male Very true! I wonder if he’s ever going to be able to master the ability to talk more feminine like the other trans men around him have?

    • +Homer adamson I don’t think he should be killed, just put in his place. He needs to know that just because he’s rich (and is only because he married into the Kardashian family) that he’s not above everybody else. I don’t know if he was ever made to at least pay some expenses to the family of the woman that he accidently killed in the auto accident that he caused.

    • +watchensee I agree with most of what you said but he did win the Olympics, I don’t think he blew all his money.

  1. ” I don’t know how you GIRLS walk in these shoes.” Dude knows he’s a MAN. Just sayin. I don’t care what he wants to pretend to be. It’s his life and he’s a nice person. I’ve always liked him and it’s the same person inside as when he was Bruce, so…whatever.

    • +Despina Sokratous I don’t think you understand what SHE meant by “Physically, I don’t know where I’m at”. She meant that she doesn’t know what she is attracted to physically in another person, not that she is unsure of herself physically.

  2. did you hear what Bruce said?? “I don’t see how YOU GIRLS walk in these “… LOL, he is doing all this for attention, he is attracted to women, he doesn’t walk or talk like a woman, he’s a joke! lol

    • what’s even more funny is that he was talking to Candice who is also a man. #ironic

  3. Doctors are concluding that Jenner isn’t trans-gender, but has dysmorphia- a condition that mentally makes someone believe they’re living in another body, whether it’s animal or gender. He has no signs of being anyone other than bruce, except he like to dress up like a woman.

  4. After everything, still looks, sounds and walks like a man in a dress….love the polished nails on the man hands!!! Waiting for her to readjust and scratch her balls…though they probably edit that out unfortunately

  5. Is it me? Does anyone get the impression that Caitlyn is attracted to women? Why does she always dodge that question? Do you want a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

  6. Somehow I feel like the entire Kardashian family is just a cast of people put together to prank America

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