I Am Cait | Caitlyn Jenner Talks Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton | E!

What does Caitlyn really think about the presidential hopefuls? Watch her conservative views cause conflict with the ladies on "I Am Cait."


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I Am Cait | Caitlyn Jenner Talks Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton | E!


    • +molon labe what would be hilarious is to see you slapped 100 times in the face with a wet fish. Oh, well.

    • +Corban Dallas This is the typical bullshit conservative American’s have to deal with “Hillary Clinton is a great woman!” No substance.

  1. virtually ALL of the ”liberals’ i know only think emotionally , they avoid specific real facts like the plague.
    This video is a good example how they walk out of the room when confronted with opinions that don’t fit their comfort

    • +MsCordially why would anyone put up with a hate mongering, bigoted, discriminatory party…….this is NOT the GOP of 30yrs ago

    • +MsCordially Libtards can’t think. They have no sense of reasoning and cannot process facts and information.

      Libtards are simply low IQ, low information, brainwashed zombies who are told what to believe by the propaganda machines of the lamestream media and corrupt government.

    • +Richard Einstein And republican’t’ can? They whine about “tough” questions from moderator’s.

  2. Hillary is the biggest liar and Trump is the biggest hater.. So sad these are even our options

  3. “Tolerant” liberals now literally hate Caitlyn because she has the “wrong” political beliefs. Typical progressives.

    • Trans banned transgendered from the military today. Tolerant liberals saw that a mile away. This era of Republicans have not been supportive of the LGTBQ community that’s why. I agree a lot with Republicans on limited government to an extent but social issues Republican are just not there.

    • +Danny Walter Wrong, you need to go out and meet more liberals because I am a liberal but I can stand my own ground. If I said all republicans including Caitlyn Jenner are ignorant then you would call me small minded.

    • +Johnny B The NWO (New World Order) is a product of the Freemasonry, which is controlled and directed by the international Zionist mafia (Rothschilds).

    • sunshinegirl1967: Of course you didn’t. why is that? maybe because you and everyone knows Trump is a racist. Oh and don’t forget bigot too, predator, business cheater, taxes cheater, liar, fascist, Putin’s best buddy, etc. and please be careful, he might just start kissing you and grab you by the p…y if he runs into you

    • Juliano Mack Trump is not racist he just doesn’t want illegal immigrants (despite Mexican is not a race anyway)

  4. First time I could actually listen to this person without wanting to jump off a cliff. Bravo Jenner–you still got balls in my eyes.

    • +thekingchrissyg well obviously you’ve been living under a rock filled with misinformed, oblivious people and it seems like you and people like you don’t seem to progress but hey that’s cool I guess u can still be happy being stupid lol anyways bye 👋

    • +thekingchrissyg
      Except you just put them in a sentence. So logic fail on your part.

  5. Interesting how they called Caitlyn rude, but they were the ones saying “kill me now” in response to her Trump support. She wouldn’t have been so loud if those stupid liberals would have let her say her comments without laughing, mocking and interrupting.

  6. Caitlyn is right and she is right for not backing down she is correct in my point of view.

  7. The proof that liberal’s are NOT PRO-WOMAN is by the way they treat conservative women.

    • Gisselle: You statement is incorrect. Liberal women see that some conservative women are still subjugated to men and a patriarchal society. Liberal women want to see conservative women empowered and taken away from lifestyles that keep them submerged. In this modern age, we still see evangelical, Mormon, Catholic women and others confined into a certain way of living where they defer and are submissive to men and the men who control their religions and their political party. The only way that women, both liberal and conservative, gain parity with men and get equal rights is to stand up to factions in our society that keep women down. Liberal women understand that, conservative women don’t. Frankly, conservative women need help — studies show that conservative women are far more likely to be abused by a spouse or other men because they don’t stand up to them and demand equality. I want to see all women reach their potentials and live happy, productive lives.

    • Joanne: Yes, you are right. Women need to stand up, organize and demand equality.

  8. BRUCE IS 100% right about Hillary, but that’s because he has a high IQ, unlike the other trash in the bus

  9. Is this why Caitlyn’s show was canceled because she spoke against Hillary Clinton? Because I don’t really believe it her show had low ratings thats more of a cop out. I mean the same thing happened to Dr. Drew when he spoke out about Hillarys health.

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