“Life of Kylie” Recap S1, EP.4 | E!

Kylie opens up about her breakup with Tyga as she unexpectedly runs into him at a music festival.


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“Life of Kylie” will follow Jenner as she navigates her unique life as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television star, style icon and CEO/Founder of Kylie Cosmetics. After spending over half her life on TV on E!’s hit series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and with over a hundred million followers across Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, people feel they already know Kylie, but this series will allow her fans and the public to see behind the scenes of her ever-expanding world.

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"Life of Kylie" Recap S1, EP.4 | E!


  1. She’d be so much prettier with less lips. It’s literally like a lizard like what ever.

    • Kathryn Bradley “it’s literally like a lizard like what ever.” You’re such an incompetent moron.

    • im a Latino we naturally have big lips and she’s white it just doesn’t look natural on these white girls

    • Fernando Mari iglesias ide I’m not Latina and i’m white / a bit tan and my lips are like hers😑

    • +Angela Michael somebody please acknowledge Angela’s ‘natural Kylie Jenner lips’ before she implodes and dies from lack of attention

    • glen lindsay okay but did you get to know her in reality shes literally just like a normal person

    • glen lindsay lol or if she weren’t rich. She wouldn’t have changed her face probz…hey btw I made a video where Kylie Jenner says “like” for 1 minute straight and she *ACTUALLY* sings!!! Not really tho lol.😂😂😂

    • cough pillbox Of course being born into her family contributes too, but just look at the difference between the amount of IG followers of Kourtney and Kylie. Kylie has almost twice as many followers.

      Why? Because her body gets people talking.

    • Kylie: If dad is going to become a woman, I can get all the plastic surgery I want.
      Kris: Deal.

    • It’s weird, isn’t it? I actually kind of worry about her. Someone who changes their appearance that drastically is not okay. I’m all for getting plastic surgery if you feel that it will improve your life, , but something seems off about this. It’s almost as if she wants to look more like Kim? She’s trying to play up that Armenian look without having any Armenian blood.

    • ohaitherehello1 but even now she doesnt look Armenian? If anything she looks more Latina. Plus Kims lips have never been that big.

  2. So she breaks up with Tyga cause she is too young and wants to live her life kinda (i dont want to look back and feel like he took something from me) and now is dating again

  3. “I don’t wanna look back in 5 years and feel like he took something from me- but he’s not that type of person ???? She makes absolutely no sense lol if you’re going to lie at least try

    • Exactly – this sounds like the type of excuse people make when they wanna dump someone but don’t wanna hurt their feelings lol!! “it’s not you, it’s me, I’m too young” lmboooooo

    • Emma Jay Exactly what I was thinking lol. She obviously didn’t wanna share why they broke up (which is understandable) but the excuse/lie she did give was so dumb… Shoud have just said nothing at all lol

    • G Venchy yes!! The excuse was not even logical/believable lol… And on KUWTK, you see the poor girl crying over him, always on-again/off-again, sisters commenting, “We can’t keep up w/ their relationship, it’s so rocky” lol so I DOUBT there was “literally nothing wrong w/ me and T” like Kylie claims in this clip

    • Mr Irrelevant who cares everyone has a “type” no one berates white guys for only dating Asian girls.

    • Baelyn _ well you’re totally wrong because we always get flack for it (in my experience) but that’s okay since it’s not a bad thing at all lol

  4. So basically each episode is Kylie “opening up” about stories that everyone has already read about her in the past year and everyone else on the show gives like one or two comments about it lmao

  5. pretty sure what kylie meant was that she’s young and she just wants to have new experiences and date new different people. i swear this girl just needs a better vocabulary and she’ll start making sense lmao

    • MadnessInIsolation MadnessInIsolation i’ll admit you do have a point, however social media is fairly ‘new’ and most don’t know how to handle the difference between the media and reality. plus kylie’s whole life is centered around image and she’s not exposed to an ‘educated’ environment. so i wouldn’t call being entertained by her being stupid. hopefully in the future, people would realize social media is not real.

  6. Recap of Kylie jenners last showing!
    Thank you all for coming! Thank you! Stay tuned next week for another Kylie Jenner recap!

    • Because shes the next generation of trash we got to know whats coming well at least shes not a man yet but sure that will be its next move.

  7. She can’t even smile correctly anymore because of all her cosmetic surgery.. that’s so sad. She’s barely 20

  8. It’s actually disturbing how she’s just another Kim clone, especially when you see how she actually was just a few years ago. And the fact that people are going to watch this show just like they do with the Kardashians… sigh it never ends.

    • Joan rivers was actually beautiful for being in her 80s and she looked beautiful till the day she dies and I’ll was a fashion icon and a successful comedian…. Why be a a butch you know there is something about you you would fix if you could afford it

    • Yellow Sky Joan Rivers messed up her face and it did not look “beautiful” in her 80’s.

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