Ice Cube Says Let’s Honor Nipsey Hussle Every Possible Way | TMZ

Ice Cube agrees … there's absolutely no reason to delay immortalizing Nipsey Hussle on the streets of his hometown, and he also has a message for people feeling the loss.


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    • Yall don’t really know Cube stfu. He’s always been like this. And no he ain’t the police foh.

    • Spliffword Medicalz he has tried to end gang violence before, people are different bro doesn’t mean he don’t care. (People React To Things Differently)

    • He said showed his respect for Nip on Instagram he just didn’t wanna talk to the camera man

  1. Cube said something that made so much sense. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND WATCH YOUR BACK!! Who can you trust.

  2. They should just name the Hyde park area after him not change the streets especially Slauson and Crenshaw

    • SURFER DA SURF I couldn’t agree more. Slauson and Crenshaw are synonymous with Nipsey. He would want it to stay for sure.

  3. The man is dead Cube probably had bigger business to take care of he probably was trying to get home to his family or a meeting R.I.P. Nip but cube probably was in a rush. He from the old school not the social media era. But why talk about all the good stuff when he passed away nobody was talking about him when he was alive… Give people their flowers and love when they alive

    • …you sound like me….i dont understand why hide all these great things this man been doing or done….Why showcase him now! He doesn’t kno whats going on…like the old saying says…Give me my flowers while im here…not after im dead n gone!

    • +MRWEDAWEST …that’s true n all but it wasnt being broadcasted as theyre doing now because ice never knew all this behind the scenes things he was doing…just about him being a rapper n Lauren London Baby dad…the usual things…but now that hes dead…you hear so much more that he was doing…which was HUGE…n i think thats why it hurts a lot of people even more because of the great things he had done!!

    • Stacey Phillips bruh ice just like everybody knew everything nip was doing they dun sat down and everything numerous occasions do your research

    • +NoNameMusic …your point! I just said my boo ice cube!! Didnt need a speech behind that

  4. He’s not hating he’s just older and wiser these days and somewhat holding his last words because he’s not for all the gaming anymore

  5. You know how many brothers he’s seen shed blood on those LA streets? Living through the 80s LA and seeing some of the people he grew up with get gun down. That man has his own grieving methods and it most likely includes keeping a distance from cameras and showing love to the fallen from far.

    • WTF He was shot by a Black Guy.
      .Nobody Says anything.. But if he had been shot by a white 👮? The entire USA would have been on CNN 📺 SAYING RACISM BLACK LIVES MATTER? 😂 😂 😂.. imagine if jussie Smollett would have not been caught… I don’t see you anybody going crazy and protesting because he was shot by a black man

    • They deal with this paparazzi bs all the time in LA. They never really want to talk to these vultures.

    • Cali Forvid or or or hear me out maybe he was just trying to catch his flight ✈️

    • Just call me daddy

      Then he could’ve just said that instead of coming across as careless & disinterested.

  6. This dude been around too long seen biggie, Tupac, easy e pass.. then you ask him if they should honor nipsey hussle with a statue? How you expect dude to react. Rip NH

  7. Nipsey stayed in the hood and got got
    These others rappers moved out mmmmmhhhmm “HOLLYWOOD”
    Other rappers running around saying test my gangster and still walking while nips was out there doing and feeding back to his town DAMN IT

  8. the camera guy didn’t sound sincere and I would have gotten irritated too. It sounded more like sarcasm or patronizing in my opinion.

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