J. B. Smoove Is A Very Interesting Man | TMZ TV

And super funny.


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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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    • i honestly want to understand how pronounciation corelates with ignorance you seem a little slow

    • +Luigi Mario because words have proper pronunciation; by not properly pronouncing them, you’re either uneducated or ignorant or both. An accent is a slight variation of a word and is regional, changing the letters of a word are just lazy. Niggahs call each other by the first letter of their name because like in every other aspect of life they are lazy. Smoove is not a word.

    • you seem like you lacked attention your overthinking this too deeply and i can more then assure you that you will be the only person to think this way im very sure you dont speak proper english unless your from where the language originated

    • +Luigi Mario well you are incorrect, I take pride in my English, most people in business do. I’m not over thinking it. I’m however baffled that people don’t work on it, sounding uneducated and ignorant is embarrassing. When people come into interviews and want to axe me questions, the interview is over.

  1. Don’t let this distract you from the fact Chantel Jefferies isn’t being honest about her original gender 🤯

  2. 😁🙌🏻This is what I absolutely love to see! Flying is too bloody stressful these days anyway; adore the fact that JB was enough of a good geeza to play a little while going through check-in! And not that I’m biased, but even after 14yrs of living here in Vegas – all my trips back home are with Virgin & domestically when poss, quality! 🇬🇧💗🇺🇸👌🏻

  3. Omg he has hats….and put them on ppl!!! Wtf ?? Who cares really.
    Slow news day I guess.

  4. I watched a slug crawl all the way from my cell door to the toilet took 2 hours 43 minutes 20 seconds and was more entertained then watching this crap

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