Ray Rice Knocks Out His Fiancée – The Video | TMZ

Now Ray’s been suspended, and the NFL is under attack for not punishing him enough in the first place.

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Ray Rice Knocks Out His Fiancée – The Video | TMZ


  1. She was hitting him before they got into the elevator then she came at him and knocked her out. Technically this is self defence, she should know never to hit someone much bigger than you. The woman is in the wrong.

    • Monica Marie Yo I know that I’m 3 years late but how TF can reading a YouTube comment physically hurt you? And you go on to say you’ve lost IQ points from reading it, no honey, you were already stupid

  2. Solange would of knocked him out lol she almost took jay z head off with that super kick lol

    • +German Orellana Exactly. If it was just some random dude that beats his girlfriend, no one would even care because it happens everyday and no one does anything to stop this or comments about it, but when the camera has it’s eyes on someone with alot of status, everyone is quick to point their fingers and say “He’s the bad guy” and talk about this like it’s their responsibility to be apart of this, but won’t do the same to all the other women that actually are going through more serious situations. 

    • +Marcus Allen if it was alright with Bey Jay-Z musta did some Fuked up Ship! Bey Fired her Daddy cause he disrespected her mother and Family…….She don’t play, so there you have it! Besides when a man fire on a woman like that he intends on Knocking her da fuk out…..He got exactly what he deserved Fuk’him!!!  

  3. I don’t believe in “you can’t hit a woman”.. if a man could get hit in the same situation then the same goes to you

  4. if u keep poking a lion long enough it will attack she know she was in the wrong hell she married dude 

  5. Man and woman are wired differently. It is sick that woman attack man and expect him not to respond. Am i a the only one who sees her coming to him right before the straight right knocked her cold on the floor. Call me crazy but I think she got the message.

  6. I know TMZ have no standards, but really, turning a domestic violence issue into a joke, disgraceful.

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