Janelle Monáe Has a Banging Body | TMZ TV

Can we get an invite next time J?


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    • @NAT TURNER – and name calling only works on those who lack confidence. If you do it a third time I won’t all of a sudden have my feelings hurt

    • @NAT TURNER – I run under the assumption that what I post is up forever. Obviously one can edit their posts or even delete them.

      Whatever my current mental state is my posts will remain. Our writings demonstrate our character for everyone to see and often people don’t consider that

    • @glenn barrera using your real name, but not your real profile pic, lmfao… You’re either going to do it all the way, or not do it at all.

    • @NAT TURNER W. Some people need to be politely destroyed like that… That was definitely the case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    • @Southern Smoke my brother lives in California and he’s not weird it’s just the paparazzi that are stalkerish and weird LOL

    • Calm down no need to be so sensitive gees I live in cali and most of the people are weird an I don’t even know your brother or u so chill

    • @M G it’s only “facts” be you couldn’t get this type of attention if you tried, lmao.

  1. Every black man that has EVER seen Monae although she was fully clothed KNEW 100% that she had cakes 4 days!!! Y’all late

    • Jon Samuels I knew when she wore these tight leather pants back in the day. I knew way back then.

    • Jon Samuels exactly lol. You took the words right out of my mouth. If you have a true eye for the beauty of females you don’t need to see them make of half naked to recognize it.


  2. Wonder why the US State Department hasn’t issued a travel ban to the DR yet

    • It’s all about money and politics my friend… people die everywhere, everyday but most likely to die at home.. look up American deaths in Australia 🇦🇺

    • Stop being stupid.. I dont see a travel ban in america.. And this country has the highest crime rate in the world

    • @therealmccoy2004 you have a valid point there!…It is more like travel at your own risk with exception to Cuba..which is banned again.

    • @Speak Datruth13 i wouldnt give a damn if she only fucked cucumbers..she is and always has been sooo damn fine😍😍😍

  3. That’s a classy woman. The only time we see her body is on the beach.

  4. Talk about hidden Figures 😭😭😭y’all r crazy… But her body is definitely banging 👌🏾💪🏾💛💛💛

    • @R J the only person that’s poor is you…. You jump in my business then play victim when you can’t have your way and make somebody be quiet, lmfao. Typical female… Next time mind your own and you won’t have to worry about somebody “bothering you”.

    • @R J and you “still responding” I see… Giving me that attention nobody else here bothered to, lmfao… Says a lot about you.

    • @1- 20 – 7 LG and I see you have time too LMAO….It’s time for you to go flip burgers pumpkin, you don’t want to be late for your shift. Have a blessed day and weekend lol

  5. Janelle Monae represent the true essence of how a lady ought to carry herself at all times. Yes! She has a beautiful body but her beauty runs a lot deeper then the skin you see….

    • @Wah Tong who cares about all that just take the compliment and leave the rest in the gutter, it’s unnecessary to read into nonsense. We could all piggyback by taking TMZ complimentary & make it astronomical with positive feedbacks whereas you wouldn’t even notice the bull** you talking.

    • Hazel Eye I would rather not take TMZ’s value. I would rather take compliments from those who actually and genuinely mean it.

    • @Damien Kirksey What I’m smoking on is fresh air; I should be asking you the same

  6. The majority of black women have a natural BOOTY, I always thought that she was so pretty . Such an elegant Queen ♥️

    • Facts aint nothing new, we just live in a new generation where fake bodies are a thing. People forget we always been like this

    • @Alexander Jackson Honestly, I see A lot of plastic bodies in Cali, and the vast majority in any area are not black.

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