The Game Says 40 Acres and a Lambo Sounds About Right for Reparations | TMZ

The Game says reparations are the only just way acknowledge the U.S. was built on the backs of slaves … as for what that looks like, well Game's got ideas.


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    • !00% using this as way to get votes, but it will never get approved, so they are once again using the black voter as usual. Just like Bernie used free college to get millennial votes knowing that would also never get approval. Democrats play people like fiddles and they go vote for them and never get a damn thing.

    • @Garry G lmao your ignorance is showing stop copying an pasting trash lol

  1. And who’s gonna pay? The american’s or the Africans who sold them?

    • @nls8520 …. The Government of the United States of America is where we will start. We gave this country 250 years of free labor. We never got paid. We going to ORGANIZE and come for the bag!!!

    • @mali 623 Yeah right white men with guns buying slaves who truly believe that

    • Dcwashington! We(Blacks) gave more than 250 years of free labour, blood, sweat and liquid prayers(Tears)! The same Devils want history to erase their rancid behaviour! Government had to pass stricter laws because Slavery was still in place well after 1865. Blacks only had the clothes on their backs and stayed working from dawn to dust trying to save pennies to leave. 10 years after slavery ended a great number of Blacks had diligently worked and bought land and were striving with freedom and unlimited boundaries until The Devil(wippo) can’t understand how these people were stolen( NOT SOLD) could be beaten, tortured, housed like livestock, raped and killed just for uttering their own dialects but to get freedom and learn how to read, write and navigate back into the human race was miraculous almost unpredictable or unanticipated. So the Devil(wippo) starts taking or claiming land from Blacks with violence and Death, if challenged by decent law abiding agencies they would burn the entire property and most times with families inside too afraid to come out and face torturous mobs. This became the norm throughout the USA!Burning Black businesses and putting Black business owners in jail with lies causing them to lose their business for pennies to some illiterate white POS! Blacks had no resting place! Entire striving Black communities were burned out! Black People know your Truth! Google Black Wall street! Google how many Blacks gained judiciary/Political seats right after the emancipation but were removed, threatened or killed by illiterate racist Devils! What Black people didn’t discover or create we still paid the price of Death to benefit all mankind with medical cures and discoveries from being slowly poisoned with foul diseases that Devils incubated in their repulsive bodies from syphilis, small POS,TB,hepatitis Etc. Black women vaginas were ripped and torn out with large bent spoon handles to create Obgyn tools (vaginal speculum) with NO anaesthesia! Removing any limbs without anaesthesia was also the norm for Blacks! Black children were experimented for various surgeries but one common practice was prying the bones around head to loosen the scull or other brain torture believing to make them more intelligent(SMDH)
      but caused brain damage or instant death. These Devils believed black people didn’t feel pain, and The Devils still believe it. When white police or other racist POS feel any threat, they shoot Black people gazillions of times emptying a gun and even reloading as if we are superhuman phantoms. Again my point! Know and research the truth! Reparation is when all illiterate racist inbred cave beast are dust! Period! ♥️& ☮ for All Black people!

    • @BRYAN crypt keeper CALLEN its on the walls of ancient Egypt man they had watches too this is what black ppl do so dont knock it

    • @b t not just ancient Egypt but a lot of western african cultures been wearing big jewelry around their neck for tens of thousands of years

    • @Mr. Sphlictor All u blacks are doing is making the Jews rich u don’t even realize it spending all your money on this bullshit and then blame the white man for being broke. Like little baby’s infatuated with sparkley things smh

    • RebelCave85 I thought it was funny doesn’t matter to me I’m not Arab. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I think it’s hilarious when white folk are attacked by terrorism or mass shootings.

    • Rivi Era
      Well. My dad was American.
      I was born in Detroit Michigan where he grew up though my mother is Canadian. I live in the most beautiful place on earth. British Columbia. The only reason there was not more blacks in 9/11 is because they are under achievers. That is nothing to be proud of. Lol

    • Rivi Era
      This is why nobody could ever stand black people. While black people are crying and wish ill will on white people, white people are running the world.

    • @David Quid Pro Quo You gonna need something to work your fields if its not a mule then a John Deere or may 40 migrant workers or something.

    • Jared you’re a idiot (uneducated) obviously. Go play fortnight or something.

    • That awkward moment you realise Jesus killed the sodomites and you’re living in the exact way it was. This is class based hate. Sjw mentality. Claim something to do exactly that to you. Claim discrimination to priveledge themself. White guilt. Mental and emotional problem. Black people didn’t advance. 65 000 years achieved nothing and claim is white fault and not their own fault. But didn’t even wear clothes or live in houses and get given that from and claim it is discrimination. That’s not discrimination. It would have put a burden on white people. Picking up an entire race. Black people advanced from literally sticks and stones aka cave men to literally everything we have they have and whites made it. White guilt gets you an easy free ride. If anything it’s the other way around. White people don’t hate on black people cause they didn’t have anything to offer the civilisatio nand were naked uncivilised. White people architecture and inventive were everything we have today in society except the internet. Even introduced electricity to stone age people. And stone age is a factual term. white guilt themselves for no reason cause of this false ideology.

  2. A Demoncratic ploy to appease you all until the next election. There won’t be one red cent paid for the sins of the south. The party that that is attempting to bribe you is the same party that enslaved you then and continues to enslave you now.

    • @Nap Mcdan Not reperations in that since, let’s just say reaping for what has been sowed.

    • @Praise 777 Always so basically you’re saying 13% of the country’s going to take out about 65%

    • @flafla fluehie Can’t you read? Did l mention ANYTHING about percentages or any monetary? It’s way BIGGER than any of that. Don’t bother asking me what it is because the revealing is much better than I can tell it. WAIT for it!!!!!!🤗

    • Bob Seagar We are 1 planet in space with no other terrestrials around that weekend attest to …I’m wondering does it trouble your soul being exclusionary of other human beings, or does it actually bring you joy?

  3. I like GAME he always keep it real.. Social media always worried about who someone is with smh like game said worry about you

  4. Asking the game about politics is like asking Dr. Dre if he could operate someone.

  5. One thing with the game, he doesn’t get involved in people business & personal life like that, he’s a plain shooter.

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