Janice Dickinson Blown Away by Tyler Henry | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

The superstar model can't believe Tyler's gift! Watch Janice be brought to tears during their reading in this "Hollywood Medium" deleted scene.

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Janice Dickinson Blown Away by Tyler Henry | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


  1. why does he ask questions? and why does she tell him so much information, i would just sit there and let the so called medium speak. They are basically just having a conversation and she is telling him everything and for some reason she thinks he is telling her this information ?

    • random dude he’s a clarivoyant or however you spell it. So he says all he gets are images or small pictures and uses those to interpret. So when he’s scribbling or “trying to focus” it’s like he’s getting images or pictures all at once and trying to form those into full readings.

  2. hahaha it’s almost like I’m a medium!! lol obvious it feels good to have someone acknowledge his truth

  3. Why doesnt he connect with ppl who were murdered and their murderers were never found?

    • Wow. That’s a great explanation. I’ve had very good readings and that makes perfect sense.

    • Yin Yang Great observation. You are only partly correct. All mediums are an abomination unto the Lord God Almighty. Unless they turn from their wicked ways, they will be cast into the lake of burning fire and brimstone for all eternity. The Bible refers to demons as familiar spirits. These demons enjoy playing tricks to deceive the seeker into believing the medium is speaking to a loved one. Celebrity reading is easy. All the medium has to do is read all the information online. For regular people,the medium uses common techniques called shot gunning, cold reading and hot reading. Notice how many questions they ask before they finally get a hit. The medium never says they have a message from a specific person. It’s always either a mother figure or a father figure.

  4. The gullible people are those who assume that everything they see is all there is in this universe. Don’t believe in psychic phenomena? Don’t watch videos about psychics. You’re not changing anyone’s mind.

  5. But don’t explain it to him 😆 He’s like “I see something about a chest” and then she goes “OMG you mean my uncle teddy who died at 67 from lung cancer on a sunday”?


    • Lmao…yeah, then she acts like she’s so blown away and he’s “dead on!”

    • Yeah I think that’s the problem is that the medium says one thing and the person being read for gets excited because they seem to be talking about Uncle Teddy and then then person being read for takes over to divulge it all.

    • It’s called a cold read and it’s
      a trick that’s been around for
      more than a century.
      This skinny little plastic pansy
      is no more a medium than
      a spoonful of snot.

  6. I don’t understand why people who are unmovable skeptics come to watch these videos just to be rude and hateful to people who believe in what they are watching. Let people believe, let them have faith. Weather or not everything Tyler says is 100% fact, it’s helping the people that he’s sitting with. It’s helping them heal and move on. Why would anyone be apposed to that? And even if they are, why must they voice it? Tyler seems like such a sweet young man and this show does nothing but spread positivity. I understand that skepticism is healthy but there’s a fine line between being a skeptic and being a douch.

    • Its not that simple…its feeling vibrations, getting pictures of what was. Its not like reading whats written in a book

    • Folkinghippie Charlatans are liars. Mediums the same thing. They are an abomination in the eyes of the Lord God Almighty. If they don’t turn from their wicked ways, they will be cast into the lake of burning fire and brimstone for all eternity. For it is written. These people are all hurting for answers from their loved ones. For someone to say they are able to speak to the departed is an absolute lie from Hell. Demons enjoy playing tricks on the living to make them believe they are speaking with a person who has passed on. The Bible refers to demons as being familiar spirits. These deceiving mediums are using common techniques to deceive the seeker. Common knowledge about celebrities are online. There are no secrets. For the average person, the medium using a method of shot gunning, cold reading and hot reading. They always ask too many questions in hope of gaining some insight before making a hit. Notice how the medium never says,they have a message from a specific person. It’s always either a mother figure or a father figure.

    • I disagree strongly. A person claiming to have supernatural abilities in any other sense would be deemed a madman. Would you believe me if I told you I could fly, but only at a predetermined location giving me time to research and prepare? Mediums and psychics do harm. Plain and simple. Tyler may only read celebrities, but he fools ppl into believing he and others have a special ability. Which in turn scams ppl out of their typically non-disposable, hard earned income. I would be okay with any medium offering services at no cost. But if they charge, they should let their clients know its entertainment like magic.

  7. i feel like tyler should do a reading with vin diesel to see if paul walker comes through

  8. I just listened to the Juicy Scoop podcast and Janice was laughing saying she lied through this entire thing and that the whole show is fake LOL.

  9. She FAKED the whole thing, she said so herself on Heather McDonald’s podcast go listen to it

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