KUWTK | Kim Kardashian to Kourt: “You’re the Least Interesting to Look At” | E!

Planning a photo shoot for the family's holiday card turns vicious when Kourtney refuses to be flexible. See the sisters' war of words on "KUWTK".

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian to Kourt: "You're the Least Interesting to Look At" | E!


  1. “she’s the least interesting to look at” LMFAOOO I actually think Kourtney is the prettiest and more natural looking

  2. How is kourtney least interesting to look at she’s beautiful at least she’s not a fake Plastic barbie#team kourtney

  3. i just think it’s funny how kim calls other people entitled and annoying sometimes but she’s the fakest, most entitled one. like how do people think she’s the prettiest one

  4. My heart goes out to Kortney! Kris calling her annoying isn’t helping the situation. Kim is a bully. She always has been. Finally the world gets to see her nasty ways.

  5. Am I the only one whose in Kim’s side?? She has business to get done and changed her schedule to attend important meetings. It doesn’t kill for Kourtney to take her time off of doing what? A house mom and get to the schedule that’s reasonable. I’m not a Kardashian fan but I have watch those season and noticed that Kourtney has changed a lot. She’s full of herself. And tbh. I like Kim more now. She works for her money and makes time for her kid and husband. She’s independent. And Kourt has been annoying me with thinking that she’s perfect and higher than others. Look how she spoke to Scott about doing whatever he wants and getting mad over what? Moving on? Living his life? Idk. I’m team Kim for this.

    • erika calle I agree Kourtney does not have an excuse to why she has to be gone by whatever time, but saying Kim should have a meeting at 7 in the morning is pathetic

    • Only reason I think it’s Wrong is because… What if any of the sister’s are having “Depression”, ETC? Kourtney has been vocal (probably not willingly), about the fact that this EXPLOITATION of her family has caused EMOTIONAL & MENTAL STRESSORS…SO, Maybe that was playing a huge role that day.
      #Survivor #VoiceForVoiceless

    • Eeveryone could have been on her side cause Kourt can be and was being stubborn and annoying … But the moment she went full-blown mean that’s when everyone sided with the “victim.” I’m sure Kim reminded many of us of that popular pretty mean girl from high school that people could never stand

  6. When Kris and Kloe don’t want to say anything against Kim because she’s basically the reason why they’re rich and make so much money 🤣🤣😂😂👏

  7. For someone to say “she’s the least exciting to look at” about their sister is such a lowlife thing to do. So full of herself. Please keep in mind how you became famous before you criticize others. You should be giving a percentage to Ray J. 😉

  8. Kim went out of her way to keep the tradition of their family Christmas card alive. Kourtney is the only one who doesn’t have a business and is a stay at home mom. Everybody made room in there schedule and kourtney is the only one who refuses and wants 6 people to change their plans to fit hers. Yes Kim went to far, but she had every right to be mad. Kourtney is the one that created this entire situation, because she’s incredibly selfish

    • Kourtney wants the money, but doesn’t wanna put in the work. She has nannies and no business.

    • chiraine1 how is kourtney selfish?? she’s choosing to be with her kids instead of being with her self obsessed fake sister’s & mom. She knows how it felt growing up and having a mom that’s not around and she doesn’t what her kids to grow up that way. All Kim cares about is herself and doing & doing what’s right for her business & publicity. Kourtney doesn’t care about that

    • Khadija Mohamed the kids would be in the shoot, not like she has a problem constantly vacationing without her kids lol

  9. Well… Kourtney is the best mom, she doesn’t care about social media at all and takes actual care of her child, she doesn’t expose them as much as the rest does. And for me, she’s the one down to earth, best looking and actually a good person.

    • But this KarJen drama pays her bills and allows her to live in her gluten free bubble with her kids.

    • The best mom ? Who stayed with an alcoholic and had multiple kids with him and then used his alcoholism for a storyline ? LMAO She exposes her kids as much as she can but no one cares as much because they came from Scott.

    • Kourtney is the most interesting to look at and she’s so tired to be part of this fake life. I understand her

    • She should be grateful. She made millions doing nothing and has no schedule. And she wants to be demanding?

  10. Kourtney deserve it. She does nothing all day but want everyday to roll around in her gluten free world

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