Jenelle Evans and David Eason Back in Court Fighting to Get Their Kids | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are back in a North Carolina courthouse fighting to get custody of their children — but the fact they're doing it together might be their biggest hurdle. Also, Nipsey Hussle's first baby mama will object to the appointment of the rapper's brother to administer his estate, and might even ask that SHE be appointed administrator, if the hearing goes down as planned, and millions of dollars are on the line … sources connected to the case tell TMZ.


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  1. Oh but Jenelle has done something wrong. She continuously chooses men over her kids. She allowed David to beat Kaiser, etc.

    • Lande Barber Absolutely! She allowed her 2 year old daughter to live with a woman that she doesn’t know just so she could stay with her husband. I know it was only a couple of days, but still. They’re both terrible people. Jenelle and David should’ve both been fine with him moving out of the house (or her leaving) so that the kids could be with Jenelle. But she is so dependent on men (I hate to call him a man, he doesn’t deserve it) she would rather have her kids spread out with other people so she can go to Lowe’s and play house with her husband.

      Sorry. Rant over.

    • Melanie G. Tbh if I was with my daughters dad and if he did that to an animal I wouldn’t hesitate to take both my daughter and myself away from a dangerous person like that and my daughter is 2 nearly 3 and anyone who hurts my daughter my god will come after them it’s what a good mother does protect her children more then the husband or the boyfriend tbh her choosing him over her own kids 1. Sad as hell and 2. Shows what sort of person she is

    • Lande Barber Absolutely! I agree with you 100%. There is not a man on this earth that I would choose over my kids. Mothers are supposed to protect their kids. Those kids had not a soul at that house, in the middle of nowhere to protect them. Tbh, Jenelle probably stayed with David because she didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of those kids. She’s such a POS. I can’t even say how much they disgust me. Like how can I despise two people I’ve never even met??? It makes no sense, but I do. And him killing that poor defenseless little dog. I would love to beat the crap out of him. I feel like the word “bully” is way overused, but in this case it’s not. David Eason is a bully. He bullies poor Kaiser and he bullied Nugget to death. Ugh. I just can’t stand him.

    • Does David really hit Kaiser 😟 I NEVER liked her (can spot a dumb hoe anywhere) but as a mother you know, you know no man will ever care as deeply for a child that isnt his so to then allow that man to “discipline” your child is just… honestly she needs to choose to stay with David it’ll be a blessing for those children. They don’t need to be behind closed doors with that man and a mother who don’t care what happens anyway

  2. *It should 👀 be a NO brainer*
    👉 *KIDS but, we’re talking about Jenelle 😕 who ALWAYS, put MEN 👤👤👤👤👤👤👤👤 before all…* 😭👴👨👩👧

  3. David Eason needs to be committed to a mental hospital for a mental evaluation .

  4. It’s sad that you have to choose between your spouse or your children. Smh! And you don’t know the obvious choice

  5. I hope she does choose David over the children. That’s the only way they stand a chance; away from both of those monsters!!!

  6. PLEASE DO NOT give Kaiser back because l truly believe that David mistreats him because he’s not his and he looks so much like Nathan. I believe that he makes a difference between his children and the ones that’s not his.

  7. It shouldn’t be hard to decide between your husband and your kids if your husband traumatizes your kids!!! She is the epitome of trash!

  8. She’ll choose him. She’s his emotional slave. She’s not going anywhere but I do fear that there’s an even bigger storm on its way 🥺

    • omg thats so right! i never thought of it that way but damn thats so correct!

  9. So everyone is just going to forget all the terrible things Jenelle has done just because her husband is even worse of a person?

  10. Cardi b not ready for anything after whatever botched surgery she just had…

  11. I’m thinking if you didn’t have custody of her before there’s a reason

  12. I once saw Jenelle in a NC courthouse back in 2010. I was waiting in the lobby when she sat down a few chairs away from me. She might as well move in with how frequently she goes there.

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