Jenelle Evans’ Husband, David Eason, Killed Family Dog for Biting Daughter | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

"Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans is heartbroken over the death of her dog, which was shot and killed by her husband … who is defending his disturbing move in the name of protecting his family. Also, John Singleton had a plan in place for his death, because TMZ has learned he left a will, and that's a monumental development in what appears to be a family war that erupted while he lay dying in the hospital.


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  1. Why would you shoot and kill your French bull dog Jesus Christ I have one of those best dog super loving he just needed training at least drop him off at shelter what a psycho guy

    • What’s stupid is that whoever was running the camera was watching the child get in the dogs face…put ur damn phone down and parent.

    • Dogs have limits also and they need space too, he should of drop his phone and put the dog outside to calm down and lecture his daughter to not do that ! So sad.

  2. She’s not even scarred for life. That dog saved her and that kid from living with a madman.

  3. You didn’t have to shoot the dog man!! Small dog like that needs training! My corgi use to do the same thing. It’s not like it was a raging pitbull.

    • Nope. What’s more important, your kid or your dog? Should the kid have to survive being abused by a dog until it learns? Human>dog. Duh.

    • +hellrzr1966 so you kill it? What a disturbing creep you are.

    • +hellrzr1966 take the dog to a family you know wants one and is okay with training. Or take it to the shelter…. You act like he had to shoot the dog but there was many options take… Karma will get him killed mark my word

    • The dog was obviously uncomfortable and NIPPED her. She has a little red scratch and the dog didn’t even break skin. If that dog wanted to hurt her it would’ve. By the way David’s acting you would think that dog was attacking the girl to death. No reason to shoot the dog for a quick nip he should’ve separated the dog from his daughter and if the dog was apparently always “attacking” his daughter like he said why wouldn’t he rehome it? Why was he so happening to be filming the dog that apparently attacks his daughter while she’s up in his face? He should teach his daughter how to be around animals and train his dog better. That poor dog quickly gave a little warning nip and was shot for it. David needs to be in prison for a long time and never be around kids or animals ever again. Jenelle needs her kids taken from her. Idk how this hasn’t happened yet it’s disgusting.

  4. The fact that he can so easily shoot a dog kinda scares me. That guy will be on the news again in the future but for much worse

    • Wow sebastian its scary to know that you’re statement is very true and this man has issues that is just a ticking time bomb on how hes going to use this to show proof of power it’s just a matter of time

    • There was a woman who got beat up in this video also. Nobody said a word about that.

  5. He had no reason too kill that dog he’s psycho janelle needs to leave him ASAP

  6. Be a queen and walk away Leave and dont turn around A happy Mom makes Happy kids💕

  7. What a disgusting man he beats his wife constantly and controls his whole household. To kill a poor dog shows the bully david he loves to hurt and kill. She needs to leave him and get her children away from him. Horrible barsteward. He will kill her one day. Eason is a sicko…..

  8. See how John worked hard his whole life and built and empire and all his so called family can think about is “who gets all the money” while he lay on his death bed. Pieces of sh**

  9. Jenelle need a divorce, he could’ve put the dog outside & keep the girl and the dog apart for awhile, I saw the video i think the dog warn her for some space, she was getting too close.

    • exactly teach your child to keep their face away from animals that arent fully trained. thats their fault. it cant speak and be like outta my face boo. disgusting.

  10. So I guess its now okay to kill something for it not understanding and to kill something for not training it. This was lack of training on the owners part, dogs need personal space, just like we do. Sure the lil girl wanted to kiss the dog but neither are trained, that dog need his personal space and training to get accustomed to newer family members which I bet was never given and that girl needed to learn to let the dog alone. Very irresponsible owners. Im just waiting for the dad shoot his daughter for not educating her. The world we live in man, makes no fucking sense.

  11. 4get how Jenelle feels. Those kids are gonna be heartbroken over the dog.

  12. That POS was just looking for any excuse to shoot something! He literally should be locked up. I’ve seen some videos of him talking about his guns and its disgusting!

  13. I’m not an psychoanalyst but, l play one on YouTube. Clearly this man is displaying unstabled behavior and needs to be THOROUGHLY evaluated IMMEDIATELY!!!! I don’t know, Jenelle usually goes back to him, maybe this will be the last straw.🤔🤷

  14. I’d snap too if i lived in the same house with them idiots.

  15. Wtf your daughter shouldn’t be that close to a dogs faces point, blank, period aha sounds like horrible parenting to me, again never the dogs fault.
    Wow I hope this man goes to jail for this and losses his family

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