Jermaine Dupri Explains Why He’s Investing in Stacey Abrams for Governor | TMZ

Jermaine Dupri believes it his patriotic duty to lift Stacey Abrams into the governor's mansion in Georgia, but she's gonna need young voters to get there … which is why he set up a surprise appearance for her.


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  1. Voting just for someone’s color is the first thing wrong with voting and trying 2 get others to vote for a individual period now if the person is a good person and does good things and have great ideas that’s the reason 2 vote for a individual so stop making everything about color and make it about the person

    • did you tell that to the slave owners or kkk members nah…they still run this nation bro so on our side voting for color matter on your side it does not…your probably not black

    • Benjamin Egiebor If you vote just for someone’s color that makes you very ignorant. You vote for someone for who they are, not their race.

    • Benjamin Egiebor Do you want Stacey Abrams to be governor for something else besides her skin color? Do you know anything about her? I assume you don’t.

  2. Aside from color … why are you voting for this person ? Can you give examples of why you think this person has your States best interest in mind .

    • It’s crazy cause if you read the title they asked him why HE BROUGHT HER OUT TO HIS SHOW. If that’s the only reason he is gonna vote SO FUCKING WHAT. Last I checked America was a free country. I know people who only voted for Trump because he is rich. People are gonna do whatever they wanna do for whatever reason they want.

  3. So sick of TMZ pushing their narrative. TMZ stick to your meaningless entertainment coverage and keep politics out of it.


    • A lot of blacks say “I was the first to go college” or “I was first to ________” and so on. To break into an area that is not the norm for
      AA is progress. How can a person be an influencer when you are not in a position of influence?
      And what is a slave mind? I am sure there were a variety of mindsets amongst slaves in those days. i.e. Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman
      Fredrick Douglas and the many nameless slaves who work to improve their lives during difficult times. When there is a FIRST, a
      second, third and fourth will follow. By the way, this is our nation.

    • +Laronda Will you so brainwashed.. this nation has done a number of folks thru media….. the first black anything is slave minded …think about what i’m telling you. seriously and de program from what you think is right, cause you been told this bs your whole life

  5. Enough with the *Identity Politics.* all that should matter is whether the politician is a Nationalist or a Communist.

  6. Hell no keep the Democrats out of there all they’ve done is keep us down just because we’re black doesn’t mean we have to vote Democrat

  7. Even after Obama was a joke of a President. ..You can’t just say someone is black they are the right person …GENIUS!

  8. Blacks praise MLK but continue to do the opposite. Choosing and judging by the color of someone’s skin. What a shame.

  9. The only thing Obama did for our country was give us an extra phone for free and his so called wife has a suspicious package and I don’t think it’s a pipe bomb

  10. I say go and exercise your constitutional right There are good men and women who lost their lives to get this right, headed by President Kennedy voted for whom you wish if the race or the electoral program does not matter The importance does not call for the sacrifice of the heroic people in vain

  11. 🇺🇸Georgia needs you, and so does America! A vote ✍🏼💙for you is a vote for our Nation!🇺🇸 Please stay vocal, focused and encouraged Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abraham! You remind us that human decency is not overrated. You have an established record of fighting for equitable legislation, compassionate conversations, and for having transparency in your dealings. Why? Because you value the integrity in both the similarities and differences of others. You’ve already won hearts and minds across racial, gender, religious, economic and party lines. God Bless you and your family.🙌🏽

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