Jersey Shore’s Vinny Asks Kim K To Help Get The Situation Out Of Jail! | TMZ TV

Kim's turning out to be quite the savior these days.


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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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  1. Well he is not black so no privilege for the situation..

    Only black people get out of jail and special privilege..

    • Crade 25 they learned it from white people tho the ones who created the laws so they could be the only ones above it when one race alone can make laws I think that’s privilege ..

    • Love the sudden flip of the script y’all try now just because Some black people are finally getting fair trials SOMEtimes…lol so let’s just cancel out all the white people who got special treatment from the law FIRST because I tell you what special treatment from the law DAM SURE didn’t start from aiding && saving black people from the law that was white people so….&& more black people are in jail for things they didn’t do than out because of this imaginary “special treatment” you speak of stop trying to twist things…the fact that outta all this the 1st thing on your mind is black people that tells us already what kind of waste of life you are…any person who talks about black people like they’re white is a mental case …no other race has privilege so stop minorities nowadays in the u.s are getting the best treatment they ever had that white been able to enjoy before anyone else even tho they didn’t lift a finger to build this place…

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