KUWTK | Can Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian Learn to Cook? | E!

Kris gathers the family for a cooking class, but can Bruce and Kim master the kitchen? Find out on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians," Sundays on E!

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KUWTK | Can Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian Learn to Cook? | E!


    • I agree its not tasteful she got too greedy like Black Chyna now people can clearly tell its fake ..at one point we believed her lol

    • No it’s not! Have u watched the episode where she gets a scan to show everybody that she does not have implants!?!? Get ur facts right first xx

    • +indie phaha it’s a reality show they can fake it all they want & they all get surgery do you actually know about them at all

    • +Indie Green you mean that episode from 2012 lol..thats when she was natural bet today she wont

  1. “Kim, you look like such a lady today”-Khole getting back at Kim for talking about her hair at the beginning of the video.

    • It is Khloe you spell it K H L O E, Khloe it is an easy name and you spell it Khole! Is this a joke or r u dumb. No offense

  2. Chris Jenner is such a beautiful woman, inside and out. She really does radiate a caring heart for others. I think she is amazing

  3. “bruce if you cut your hair, maybe this wouldnt happened”
    …oh boy.. little did they of why hes growing long hair.

    • Art Fisher even if that was the case most companies that deal with cooking or preparing food of any kind a requirement is to tie your hair back so your hair doesnt fall in the food.. Bruce doesnt want to be told what to do because he is independent and he didnt need to be rude to Kris.

    • Jaden b I’m seriously not, idk who he is… I just started watching anything related to the kardashians about a month ago

    • Abbas Al Mansuri go away, we don’t have time to explain the last 4 years of human history to you.

  4. “This is why I had so many girls, so I didn’t have to cook.” Don’t go by the stereotypes.

    • It seems to me that he was being overly masculine to cover up the fact that he might be enjoying activities he considers feminine.

    • I guess it was cause he had to form himself to be that way while he was growing up. To hide what how he felt inside, I guess over time it became a part of him. I dont think Caitlyn will change those values might stay with her forever. A consequence of hiding for so long and building a character that back then was considered alright, even though shes a woman now I think it wont ring sense in her mind that its wrong.

    • Six-Zero-Six Defender Of Justice! Because Bruce has always been rude to Kris. He feels he owes her for years of his abuse from her on kuwtk. Which is quite sad. Bruce wants to be a woman and that is great but he can not expect to scream damsel in distress and everyone love me and take care of me but dont forget I am independent and can do it on my own. He needs to balance it and stop jumping down Kris’s throat because she will eventually not want to be around Caitlyn for her uncool demeanor. I stopped watching the show.

  5. “If you would’ve cut your hair, this wouldn’t have happened”.

    Kris, he’s prepping for later.

  6. “I don’t have to cook that’s why I had all these girls!”

    Degrades women then transitions to become a woman

    • Charley Alicorn That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Gender has no relation to cooking skill, also bruce didn’t say it like that. He said it as in women “belong” in the kitchen

    • Natalie Budak actually is kinda does, according to statistics, Women cook better than most men. More women also know how to cook.

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