John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Didn’t Need Cohen to Confirm Trump’s a Racist

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen want to test Donald Trump's theory that there will be riots in the street if he loses the 2020 election.


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  1. I command my loyal fanboys to dislike the video. Not one of you haters could name a president who was better.

  2. Donald trump is the greatest president of all time, you Americans better put respect on his name..

  3. Ye it is quite debatable if u can’t defend or give arguments to it then it’s kinda like not havin an opinion and that’s kinda what he did

  4. Trump wasn’t a racist when all the rappers wanted to talk about him in their songs. He was their God! They wanted money like trump. Don’t forget about that. Now he’s a racist. Lmao clowns!

  5. Cohen had NO proof. Haha. He secretly recorded Trump yet he doesnt have recordings of him saying anything racist.haha

  6. TrUMpS a RaCiSt- Donald Trump earned the Ellis island award alongside Rosa parks, and Muhammad Ali for helping the black community. This was decades before he ran for office.

    • Oh please. Trump was sued multiple times in the late 70s for housing discrimination against Blacks and Hispanics. Him helping the black community was just to distract people from his lawsuits. Every good he does, is to distract people from his wrong doings.

    • +Holographic_Stoner 420 You really should get out of your mom’s basement and actually start thinking, working, and supporting yourself. Believing everything the media and Hollywood says, instead of ACTUAL FACTS really doesn’t help your credibility.

  7. Cohen’s opening speech was written by Bill Clintons former attorney. Cohen (even called a liar by CNN) will say do anything to carve time off his sentence, write books and make movies. Trump did more for ppl of color in less than 2 years than Obama did in 4.

  8. So far Trump has done way much more for black people than Obama did.
    But it’s popular to call people racists without any proof, we can even call people racists when it’s just a hoax 🙄

  9. Make sure you keep the racist agenda alive and keep dividing us TMZ ! This is what you want so keep it up.

  10. Out of touch maybe…as they head back to their gated mansions and never touch door knobs. People have money in their pockets under this President …ALL people. Come on TMZ!!

  11. If Cohen said it it must be true. It’s not like he’s going to prison in 2 months for lying to Congress or anything. LOL

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