Jamie Kennedy Boots Hecklers, Lectures Crowd, Then Walks Out | TMZ

Jamie Kennedy seems to be at wit's end with audiences at his stand-up shows … because a couple of hecklers made him lose his cool and walk offstage at his most recent gig.


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  1. People need to be less entitled. The crowd are guests at his work place if they go and watch any show they should go with the flow and respect the place

    • +Maren McCoy you’re wrong the club is paying him. They pay the club to see comedians. They don’t pay him directly nor does the club pay him what they paid the club. He’s given a spot on the show before they numbers even come in pal. At least learn how a line up works. And anyone disrupting a set is ruining it for everyone that paid. She acted entitled. She thought her money and presence was more important than everyone else’s.

    • +Monk8990 no one claimed he’s doing them a favor. You don’t go anywhere and act like a bytch to the staff for no reason. They had two options one sit down and shut up if they didn’t like it or leave.

    • +Monk8990 no one implied he was doing anyone a favor. And he didn’t take in the whole audience he took in the idiots that were with her and the other idiots trying to make their opinions heard

    • Wanye Kest true but people go to a comedy show to have fun and they will be the occasional drunken,offended or just dumb person and comedian should be able to control the situation(only in a worst case scenario throw them out ) and continue on with the show
      Instead of just walking off because “his feelings got hurt”

      Ps: if you get offended easily you shouldn’t get into showbiz

    • Joe Limbus being able to fend off hecklers is like being able to do juggles as a footballer… if you can’t do it then you’re really not that good… you’re right I’m not a comedian but I’ve watched a fair amount of stand up and I can’t clearly say that this is a ability all great comedians must have

    • praveen SDMN if you make a stupid comment he/she is an idiot..why you even support heckling forget the comedians think about the people across from you who’s night you ruined an might slap someone cuz people can’t stfu and watch a show

    • lushlyfe917 you misunderstand my point, I never said heckling was good.. I’m merely stating the point that heckling will always be apart of stand up and in order to be a great comedian,one must be able to combat heckling

  2. Those are the faces of the internet trolls. Forgetting they’re not on their computers or phones.

  3. Good for Jamie Kennedy! I said with him on this one. He didn’t insult his hecklers or the audience, despite how they treated him. He spoke from the heart like a mature minded adult, and since his words meant nothing to the audience, he left the stage.

  4. His point is true though. One edgy joke and the Internet could end his career yet the chick in the audience thinks she has a free pass for anything.

  5. Comedy in general is dying. Comedians don’t want to perform on college campuses in fear of offending the PC culture. Comedic movies are less frequent and less provocative due to some anticipated outrage from a group or individual. The Andrew Dice Clays, Sam Kenisons and Richard Priors don’t exist anymore. Soon no one will be on stage …then what?

  6. If Jamie Kennedy was funny, people wouldn’t be heckling they’d be enjoying the show!

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