John Singleton Family Battle Lines Drawn, All About Access to His Money | TMZ NEWSROOM LIVE

John Singleton's mother is holding her own in a fierce family battle for control of his estate — as he lies in a coma — and it's all about who gets access to what, and most importantly … when. Also, Arnold's having a crazy busy weekend … he was a proud papa Saturday morning at his son, Joseph Baena's college graduation in Malibu. His daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger enjoyed the company of a very special guest at her huge blowout bridal shower … Oprah!!!


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  1. *Funny How They Don’t Care About His Health… Only About The Money… This Happens All The Time…*

    • I think He’s deceased already and the life support is an angle to get other Members at Hospital to see Him before the plug gets pulled.

      Nevertheless, I agree with you, as I went through this. A few years back.

    • Well, ain’t nothing they can do for him now. Massive strokes are pretty much a wrap for anybody who has one.

    • Exactly in all families happened in my own when my mom passed away older sister that we don’t even get a phone call from in year’s came and cleaned out her closets took all the money from the neighbors condolences card’s for the family got her cut of my mother’s insurance money and rode off in the sunset other older brother and my other older sister got there 💰 I told my mom I’d rather have you then any of your money hurt my mother’s 💓 to hear her baby son say that to her but I refused anything when she departed from this earth SIP mommy love you infinity and may GOD touch John Singleton and show favor and a miracle on his body and bring him back to his complete vibrate self only GOD can and I’m believing him for this prayer for Mr Singleton prove the greedy family wrong father GOD and bless his body right now Amen

    • +HenriT85 *I Get That… But He’s Not Dead Yet And They’re Fighting Over Money Instead Of Spending Time With Him As A Family…Money Should Be The Last Thing On Their Minds Not The First*

    • +Harlem New York *It Happens All The Time… People Just Show Up Out The Blue For The Green…*

  2. Damn the man isn’t even gone yet, and they are fighting. But the doctor’s must have told the family it doesn’t look good I’m sure.😞Keep fighting John.

  3. Typical of “Family”. I went through this very same thing. Back in 2012. Definitely very draining with the truth, directly in your face.

  4. Wow this is so sad as he lies in a coma his family is fighting over who gets what and when they get, instead of them fighting they need to be praying that he comes out of the coma, they are being very selfish people in this whole situation I pray that he comes out and has a speedy recovery God bless him 😢🙏🏿❤

  5. Shame to the family for even fighting about money when the man himself is in coma. That’s disgusting and very sad 😢

  6. THIS is really sad…the man hasn’t even passed!! Miracles DO happen, and they’re worried money!? Why am I surprised…happens every single day! Example: “Mrs. B has been in a nursing home 5 yrs, and the staff NEVER saw family. As soon as she dies, family comes out the “woodwork”!!! For what? 💰

  7. Sad all this is taken place but its not uncommon. I don’t know how correct the info is but I did read that his Mom was also his manager. This is the reason why they say it is very important to have a will in place so that your wishes are made clear. When I read he had a major stroke my heart dropped. My heart goes out to him and his family! Sighs

  8. Father God I pray for a speedy recovery and that you wake him up and that your miracle working power be sent speedily!

  9. Like no time had past??? LOL it was 18 months. I could’ve preformed and it would’ve been great

  10. Living revocable trust AND a Healthcare directive could have prevented this. If you have assets and/or family you support then get these done

  11. Damn he’s not dead yet, his family is already fighting over his money. Money is the root of all evil.

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