Johnny and Amber – One Unhappy Family | TMZ TV

Johnny Depp’s family detests Amber Heard, but she says she’s no villain.

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Johnny and Amber – One Unhappy Family | TMZ TV


  1. You know what? *EVERYTHING* at this point is hear-say and accusations. It’s not fair calling both of them derogatory names when we don’t even know the *FACTS!*.

    • +OneLove Different people, different game. Some are spiteful some are merciful. We aren’t born to do the same thing just because others do.
      Young women marry old men because they have $$$$$$>. And old men shouldd know that.

    • she did it to herself………………. so fake and now she is crying on the streets and thinks people gonna believe her bullshit. she wants get away from this situation with a lot of money!

  2. She very well might be a Golddigger. But just because everyone loves Johnny debt doesn’t mean he’s not capable of physical abuse. Some people need to calm down

    • Do you know how hard JD would have to throw a phone for you to get a mark on the side of your eye and on the fkin eyelid… you dont know cuz a phone doesnt fkin bend like a rubber that was a make up bruise it was so fkin obvious it was ridiculous

  3. I wish they left the comment that greasy faced young lady made about his mom.. What was the point in that?


  5. Johnny has been around forever and has always been low key this new girl who is she ? Where did she come from ? She looks like trouble Johnny should of stayed and married his French baby mama !

    • +Para Mètres I know that Vanessa sang popular songs children songs plus I’ve been to your country many times I have two very close friends that live in paris so I’m very familiar with the French and French culture. I have actually walked across a part of your country on foot 🙂 I am a Johnny fan so the story is interesting to me I think he is one of the best character actors of all time therefore I follow the tabloid story but trust me do know what is happening in the world besides this silly thing 🙂 LOL this story keeps me from crying about everything else that is happening in our world today Europe USA Middle East Cuba Venezuela my own city 🙁 all a mess

    • RC COCINACORRADI I agree with you. The world is going to fall and to rise again . God with you Cocina.

    • +Para Mètres who knows it might never recover look at the dinosaurs they didn’t

  6. Amber Heard is another thot. She obviously married Johnny for fame and money. Amber always had a vindictive side to her. I bet Johnny was in this marriage for all right and pure reasons. I can’t believe so many women are siding with Amber on this domestic violence claim. Johnny is known for his sweet and soft spoken character. He would never touch a woman let alone hurt a fly. It’s just another celebrity “I want a divorce and I’ll get so much fame and fortune out of it” cop out. I feel so bad for Johnny, I mean his mother just passed away and Amber had the audacity to go and file for divorce afterwards. Where’s the remorse? Her condolences? Her duties as a wife? So sad. I hope Johnny wins the case and doesn’t have to pay spousal support. At the end of the day, darkness always comes to light. My heart goes out to the Depp family through this tragic time.

  7. Come on guys. We know J.Depp is a good person. His mom just died and he’s heartbroken so he’s probably excessively drinking and hurt. Now his marriage has fallen apart and he’s being boycotted. He’s a good man and we know it! Please show him love and support

  8. who dafuq is amber i didnt knew she dated johnny lmao


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