Kanye West Says ‘Yandhi’ Album Is Delayed So He Can Record in Africa | TMZ

Kanye West has a perfectly good explanation for why his new, publicly-announced album didn't drop Saturday night, as he said it would — and it all has to do with Africa.


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  1. His life and his choice. His energy comes from a good place and that’s all that matters.

  2. Whatever product we receive on Nov 23rd, will be much more special than what would’ve dropped 9/29.

  3. People saying he’s crazy, he’s just reached a point where he can truly live and express himself. Judging him for that comes from a place of self hatred.

    • Ryan nah bro hes crazy.. i know alot about mental illness ive been on medication he shows all the symptoms just ask a professional,, since his mom died hes never been the same

  4. Mute this video for 10 seconds and then unmute and Kanye will be talking about something completely different

  5. TMZ is toxic. They are just taking advantage of this mans mental disorder at this point and its sickening.

    • Exactly, it’s literally picking on an ill person. He needs help, not all this attention

    • wrldpce5 Rudolph Troncone and Chance Furman Kanye west isn’t being taken advantage of he is as woke as he will ever be and is more woke than most of us he understands that we are mentally in slavery and just need to be freed but as society since we don’t understand that we call him crazy. We fear the unknown and don’t want to make a difference Kanye is the truth I’m telling you he is going to make a very huge impact on the future

  6. This is not that hard to grasp. It’s the same thing with Ye. He scrapped most of it because he felt he was in a new place. So he took time to re-record to better match his “energy”. Yandhi felt incomplete, so he’s going somewhere in hopes the surroundings of Africa will bring out something fresh

  7. “so the album didnt come out what happened?”
    *”I can wear whatever I want cuz im a god”*

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