Josh Brolin Reveals Location Scout for ‘Sicario’ was Kidnapped in Mexico | TMZ

Josh Brolin's shedding some light on how scary it can be for film and TV crews working on projects about drug cartels … because it often gets way too real.


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    • The police in Mexico will not do anything if you call them for an emergency, they just don’t care. I was walking with my grandparents to a store near their house when we came across a house with loud music and screaming, I was like damn its 1 in the afternoon and they are getting drunk already, but as we got closer to the house you can hear a woman screaming “LEAVE ME ALONE, LEAVE ME ALONE” screamkng from the top of her lungs. Then you just hear a body slam against the lose metal door. She was desperately screaming. You can hear items fall onto the floor from the guy throwing the lady around. I wanted to do something like call the police. But my grandparents said if you call them, they most likely wont do anything. And if they do, the guy will figure out who called the police on him and come after us. Like I said I really wanted to do something but as an American in a diff country I did not want to put my family at risk. Who knows if that lady survived. I jave never experienced that in my life, it was like a scene out of a movie or something. Poor lady, I hope she is ok.

    • jason4275 trust a Mexican and don’t go for vacation to Mexico go to another country don’t risk it. I’ve seen what cartels are capable of in that country it’s no joke

    • Who isn’t a legend, the TMZ reporter (he’s learning challenged, Harvey is blessed for hiring people like his reporter).

    • Rumor is Josh still has that girls bike he stole, it’s sitting in his garage.. poor little girl!

  1. These gavachos think everything is a joke lol play with fire and thats what the outcome will be

  2. What I like about this clip, more than Josh’s answer, is the connection between the interviewer and Josh because of the well thought out question that was intended to provoke what Josh’s motivation is for story telling. Not a typically lame gossip question… 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Mexico is a shihole, if it wasn’t for the nice weather, and beaches nobody would go there. Should just nuke the whole place…

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