Racist Chick from “Big Brother” — Out of the Frying Pan … | TMZ

… and into the hot seat with Julie Chen!  Amazingly, Aaryn Gries blames her racist behavior on the entire state of Texas.

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Racist Chick from "Big Brother" — Out of the Frying Pan … | TMZ



  1. “We spend our days making fun of blacks and gays”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I live in Texas & I can honestly say that Aaryn is right about the Texas thing. Well at least parts of Texas where the black community isnt majority. I hear the “N” word all the time by all races. & its the original version of the word. People are definitely racist down here.

    • I Live down north in Dallas and the majority of the community including me is black/hispanic/and many other races but we dont really see white people but ive encountered many racist slurs by people who attend school hear such as “are you immigrats” “why are there so many immigrants here? Dont you have schools where you came from?” But our school was a confederate school years ago so that nihth explain the old students making the comments

    • I’ve heard the n word used a lot but there’s no racist intent to it. I live close to the border so it just a bunch of Mexicans saying to each other.

  3. I grew up in Texas for 15 years.. and I met TONNSSS of racist people.  Not just whites but almost every race I met was racist against another race

    • True. Mexican against black, white against everything, black against black, Asian against Indian. lol

  4. Is that narrator a cartoon character who traveled through a portal to our world?

  5. uk would have kicked her right out!! The fact they continued to air it for entertainment makes the show just as bad. If you have morals and principles then you stand by them simple.

  6. “In Texas we say”… yeah, don’t drag the rest of us with you, take personal responsibility for your own mouth.

  7. Depends where in Texas were talking about
    There’s some crazy people out there who just like using a colourful vocabulary just for the heck of it

  8. *we got all a lot to talk about*
    Haw Yeah!
    *Sweet heart you must be driving a pretty big bus because you just threw the whole state of TEXAS UNDER THERE*.
    My God, I love this Narrator.

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