Joyner Lucas Says Church Can’t Be Mad About Music Video, They Got Paid | TMZ

Joyner Lucas is ripping the Catholic church for coming out against his controversial music video shot inside a place of worship … he says they knew what they were getting into, and they profited.


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  1. 3 dislikes,but the church got paid for for him cursing and drinking in there that goes to show what they really wanted

    • were you there? thats the least they could have done for th church….you think the church should not get paid? comment does not make sense

    • +Anna Kcmb I don’t have to be there just the fact they knew he was a rapper and they got paid you mean to tell me they not going to know….I mean aye I go to church,but if my pastor just wanted money and than a apology after the video hits YouTube I would think it’s wrong also

    • Ez_Clapz Boii Not picking sides but answer this question for me. Do you ever see this kind of stuff happen with Muslim artists? Or Jews? or Sikhs? Feel like ppl don’t have a lot of respect for the church

  2. My man with his keys was waiting on his tip. Tmz messing up his money. Lol

    • Jennifer W … he was waiting for a tip as well. most valets in big cities receive tips, you should know that, right?

    • im tired of hearing or seeing it is art….. vulger language and drinking in a church is not art. and the church should have got paid….thats the least they could have done .. and apologize

    • when people can speak without bad language, thats when it becomes art and intelligence

  3. Mr Lucas *JUST* got a new follower. Talk that sht brbruh. That double standard they like to play. Can say and do what they please but NO ONE ELSE CAN….FOH πŸ–•πŸΏ sorry not sorry

  4. NOT A GOOD INTERVIEWER! trying to ask the same question two or three different slightly different times

  5. The church is the β€œsynagogue of Satan” and have been sold out to the establishment for decades. Just out in the open now for all of society to witness.

    • +Gizmo Hilter really raping little BOYS for 800 years you need to WAKE up

    • Angela Stars that is so much truth lot of people have been murdered for the sake of religion and I mean millions of folks was and is still dying by the hand of religion now I ask what kind of god allows this to happen that’s a special kind of evil that Lucifer got to be proud of

    • people make it that way, if you read the new testament Jesus overthrown tables because people disrespected the synogogue

    • why swear in a church? he could have used words that show a little intelligence and respect….people now adays do not show respect

  6. Hey Joyner. Atleast give that man a Tip. He being wating for ages, but the at the end he just gave up. πŸ˜‚

  7. If it was a real place of worshiping they wouldn’t have accepted that paper. Goes to show u how fake ppl are

  8. Team Joyner yesss I want to hear Joyner and Kevin gates together that will be fye

  9. i think this guy needs to read the part in the new testament where jesus overthrown tables in tabernacle

  10. HE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY , this guy ain’t the one …
    Not worth the hype

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