Bunny Wants Even Bigger Breasts for Extreme Cosplay Look | Botched | E!

After getting huge implants and suffering bad side effects, Bunny wants to go even bigger. Will the "Botched" doctors operate on the cosplayer?

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About Botched:
“Botched” changes lives and restores hope through remarkable and transformational surgeries. Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif’s surgical skills and expertise will be put to the test as they set out to correct damage done from plastic surgeries gone awry as they attempt to fix the unfixable and correct extreme, head-turning plastic surgery nightmares.

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Bunny Wants Even Bigger Breasts for Extreme Cosplay Look | Botched | E!


  1. tell sis a wig that isn’t from party city would be better than more implants

  2. I would just wear the padded bra so that way when I take the bra off I can continue looking like a human being🙃

    • Yes, and every man you ever date will mutter, “oh what the hell, god damnit,” when you get naked in front of him for the first time. That’s false advertising!

    • wut? padded bras just add a thin layer of foam, making the bra not as see through compared to unlined bras. (which is more appropriate for certain occasions) I think you may be thinking of push up bras, which do make your boobs look bigger.

  3. Amethyst doesn’t have that big of a chest..why would just want her chest that huge..

    • It’s almost like she’s more passionate about selling her body than she is about cosplay. This is why people gatekeep nerdy things. Girls like this come in and try to make it about them and their bodies, and then the rest of us have our sincerity called into question by proxy because so. many. women. do it.

    • being an adult is all about where youre gonna cheap out on and what youre gonna shell the big bucks on

  4. Amethyst’s boobs are waaaaaaaay smaller. Probably smaller than this girl’s original boob size.

  5. Amethyst is about self love and acceptance, and you wanna cosplay as her? 😭😭😭

  6. Oh hunny no. She’s going to attract all the perverts. I’ve seen many cosplayers become popular within the cosplay community because of how they do their makeup and how they make their own props. Her makeup and wig don’t even look good in this video she has to stop getting bigger boobs to cosplay and focus on looking like an actual anime character. (She’s surpassed that dragon from koibayshi (?) maid dragon)

    Might as well attract the community who loves big, fake looking tits because she’ll make more money off of that.

    • FIONA
      It’s Amethyst from SU. All of the gems have a signature “skin” color. I take it you haven’t watched any Steven Universe in your life, have you?

    • +suga kookies with a cup of tae how is that a bad thing? It’s not like SU is even that great a show.

    • +Adam Wedderburn They never said it was a bad thing, they just said that they believe the person they replied to probably hasn’t watched SU.

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