Jussie Smollett Charges Dropped, Mayor Calls it a ‘Whitewash of Justice’ | Behind The Bar


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    • Be a white cop and shoot unarmed blk men..That seems to work alot more than being a blk man gay or straight.

    • Also when you commit a crime, offer up some community service without being told to, it looks good to the judge and therefore will show you sympathy and dismiss your case lol

    • +Kings County Baby or he can try to call and make a false report on black ppl like they do everyday! That seems to work

  1. soooo…. now do they charge the Nigerian brothers with assault, hate crimes & false police reports????

    • THE COPS



    • +ANDREW KNIGHT I heard they’re actually American citizens. Their family was from Nigeria. I just call them the Nigerian brothers, b/c I can’t remember how to spell their names. I don’t think they can be ‘deported’.

    • No they don’t get charged cuz the cops said they know jessie did it all but he just got away with it. The brothers won’t get charged or anything.

    • possums1010 no, the state didn’t wanna go through with it even though they didn’t believe he was innocent. It’s weird because he probably would’ve lost the case, but there definitely was interference in the higher ups that led to this

    • He arrogantly said that he wants to get to work; like people will be eagerly ready to hire him. For all we know he probably will get hired- nothing will surprise us after this act of injustice.

    • Jake Randall it’d be a miracle if fox agrees to have him back on the show honestly. I still don’t see how his career recovers because of how obvious it was of a set up.

    • Do you watch the show? Probably not because if u did then you’d know that the show can’t make it workout him

    • +Tierra Walker I watch(ed) the show and their ratings have dropped significantly since this happened. They either get rid of him or the entire show goes down with him.

  2. If this was anyone else, they would have gotten 1-3 years, but you know……. Celebrity privilege.

    • +James Nelson It’s as ridiculous as OJ…17 felony’s in exchange for community service and a fine. Disgusting!

    • It’s an illuminati humiliation ritual. They save you and give you more publicity after humiliation. That’s why Taylor swift became 10x more famous after the Kanye incident

  3. Wooooow….I love how we have protected classes…but let a normal person do anything the protected do…OFF WITH THEIR HEADS….this country is FALLING APART

  4. R. Kelly sitting sumwhere sayn…..”I still have a chance”!!!!😂😂😂

  5. What happened?
    Ans: money makes the world go round.
    Celebrity pay their way out of jail. They don’t go to prison.

    • Ryan Lochte, or did you’ll white motherfuckers forget what he did. He wasn’t charged either

    • Sorry but Trump does that everyday. When when a black guy does it, it’s an unthinkable crime. You guys don’t get mad about white terrorists y’all try to make them seem like they have a mental issue. Also u guys don’t get that mad when a white cop shoots an unarmed black man. Where is your anger then? What jussie did was wrong but it’s not unforgivable and nobody died

    • +Tierra Walker you’re argument is stupid. If a white guy does it it’s just as bad. But hey, act like a little victim

    • +Caguama Time she is speaking the truth you white people are straight hypocrites!! Plus when is giving you facts playing victim?

  6. He faked a hate crime against lgtb and blacks in a single shot got caught his accomplices even flipped on him and he gets the walk away scot-free

  7. 16 charges dropped? I know Negroes who can’t even get a traffic ticket off of the record LOL

    • Major2219 it’s a illuminati humiliation ritual. They humiliate you for publicity then save you to see how loyal you are. That’s why Taylor swift blew up after the Kanye thing. And that’s why every black comedian has to wear a dress

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