R. Kelly’s Alleged Victim Claims He Retaliated with Threatening Letter | TMZ

One of R. Kelly's alleged victims claims the singer posted private photos of her and sent a threatening letter in response to her appearing on the Lifetime docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly."


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  1. These women lost all credibility with me once I see they’re represented by this thot chasing lawyer. None of her clients win cases and they’ve all been liars.

    • +Sugar Sho Start moving off facts, not feelings. All you said proves that Robert Kelly is a sick individual. It doesn’t prove he threatened this girl or gave her herpes. You think if she said all that in court on her case that she’d win? Lmao you clearly don’t know how the court system works. I didn’t Dodge anything. I responded to everything you said directly. You just don’t like what’s said because you can’t combat facts with feelings.

    • +Valentina Worldwide You don’t see the hypocrisy she takes cases without even finding out her client is telling the truth or not she just hoping for a money grab so act like she’s an activist fighting for a cause because the cause is attention and money

    • +Mighty Fin I’m going to follow her cases more closely and see how she gets down for myself

    • J Miller Look her up, it’s too many to name, and all the cases are against wealthy & famous men, lately it’s been rich & famous blk men.. She don’t care how bogus the claims are, she plays the game trying to get paid. Shes known as the great ambulance chaser…

    • Roz Hector And every one of those girls that left or parents came to get them, THEY WENT BACK… Sounds like a parenting issue..

    • Barbara Donlin Why bring Cosby in this, there’s NO proof on any of the claims made against him. Hes locked up on a touching charge (Andrea Constand), pure BS. There was no drugs involved, that was all lies. Constand couldnt even describe quaaludes when cross examined in court. The deposition (the unedited version w/out the Clip & paste job which was given to that judge) has questions and answers that spanned over decades. It was all nonsense. He was targeted. He had relationships with almost all of them. There was no force, no raps (which they all admitted to, when investigated) just creative stories. That’s why none if them had a case. 60+ so-called victims didn’t even make it into the court room. 5 was heard and only 1 got that bogus charge through. And they gave him a 3-5 for that BS. They rail roaded him! Broke many laws and his civil rights to get him.

      The time to get Kelly has passed. They had 2 chances but the alleged victims (& their parents) were too greedy, they rather get the money and perks. Since then there’s been no real proof or evidence that he’s done anything. Everyone getting charged up over some stupid film with girls whining for money, I mean justice, is crap. They all are looking for a payday. All the females chasing him are looking for something, just like with M.J. & Bill Cosby..

      Answer this, if all these so-called females have a complaint, claims he did things wrong to them, then why none of them have any official reports or have charged the guy with something???

    • TheOriginalBigShot you hit that spot on!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • John Smith I think we all knew that this is what she does it’s funny that people actually think she cares about the victims she doesn’t eventually people will see the person she really is

    • +Mookaron in some cases they should especially if there child was a minor at the time. That molesting rapist R. Kelly was preying on their child. They should have contacted the authorities on him and put a stop to it right away back then. Especially if they knew about it. Watch your children parents don’t make it easy for these predators to have easy access to kids. ✌👊

    • She represented all those women are suing Donald Trump. Yet he’s still in office. I knew it wouldn’t be a long time before she got her claws involved in the case. SMH.

  2. How many times have they said he can barely read or write. How are you going to make this stick when a videotape wasn’t enough to convict him. Good luck with that.

    • They can’t use that tape again, he got acquitted over that. They need new evidence, and they don’t have none, but, allegations.

    • +Challenger357 it’s all they wanted, and it’s why they’ve all simply sat back and just laughed at us one moment at a time. It never fails how vulnerable we are, and once picked apart will the ignorant grow defensive simply due to stricken pride instead of seeing the bigger picture of the situations at hand. It’s a trend on why this happens and even how; from a rare docuseries and even to weekly shows that keep up with drama surrounding this kind of stuff. It’s simply how saddening it is. Really. But how spot on you are, I will say, is amazing. Hat’s off.

    • +Challenger357 but I’m also seeing too that. .what happened to _Cosby_ is also happening to Kelly except he’s taking a much more strategic approach to the war against him; although with Cosby do I feel like they also used his tiresome age against the man as well. They’ll use strain on who appears to be on two knees, such as this issue as well. But again, the strategy simply differs this time. Heavily is it noticeable.

    • Pac Because he’s white and he don’t fall under the same allegations. You may don’t know about president corruption or been in ANY type of trouble you gotta listen to the allegations

    • This is biggest women’s lawyer that you can get. She is good at what she does. You need to do your homework. Watch you will see.

  3. Where are the 16 women who accused Donald of sexual misconduct??
    Where is that lifetime series???

    • MOBROOKS , nah before all that bullsh!t, y didn’t the parents take their children’s career in their own hands? Studio time to record a 3 -5 song demo is cheap compared to the houses some of those parents live in. You heard about aaliyah & the sex tape & you allowed your child to go. Sh!t ain’t adding up right. A lot of bloggers are bring up the fact that this kinda mirrors the micheal jackson parent accusers 🤔

    • Exactly! This is turning into a joke now. If R.kelly goes to jail, government officials and everybody else in Hollywood needs to

  4. All im going to say lifetime better have the evidence against R kelly because his lawyer is about to sue the life out of lifetime.

    • +Opinions, Facts And Logic You lack the logic you mention in your screenname LOL. LOTS of media outlets have reported on this. The BBC did an expose before Lifetime, as have other outlets. A television and/or news station has no obligation above reporting what people tell them. By your logic, a man like Trump could sue almost every television station out there because he, like the beast, Robert, insists everyone is lying. Further, the standards for testimony in civil suits is FAR broader than in criminal cases. Should Robert be ignorant enough to file suit against the women, opposing attorneys will have the opportunity to depose him and ask questions about the 14 year old he urinated on and the 15 year kid he married under oath. There is NO protection against self incrimination in civil lawsuits. So, not only will the illiterate Robert have to overcome TONS of witnesses who will testify to his nasty character. He would also be forced to go under oath and testify himself. Any decent attorney would NEVER let that happen.

    • +Kerenszharris Harris You are delusional….. For real….. defending a child rapist in one breath, comparing a stranger to parents most rational people, including said stranger, would say are abhorrent……. admitting R Kelly violated young teen girls in the worst way, and yet still, placing more blame on me. I mean, do you even read the crud you post before hitting send?????

    • Kymone Kidd they omitted things that would’ve been good to see like one girl going back to speak with him and still choosing to come back home .

    • It’s a shame how the world thinks. I came from a home where Jesus was taught but one bad apple killed who I was supposed to be. I tried to tell many and noone listened to me. One brother went to prison for messing with his wife’s daughter gets out and noone believed he was guilty. He spoke bad about me and all his victims as did his other brothers. Family Friends and Church family wanted nothing to do with me. All the lies that were told was to keep the truth from being told. Even as a grown woman I will never see my full potential. Everywhere I tried to heal that demon reared his ugly head…church family and friends treated me like easy prey when told nothing was done. You have no right to say who is lying or not. You have to show compassion. You don’t know what happened. Pray for them all because at the end of the day They all need Jesus to save and heal.

    • +Jullian Mitchell I think shes being sarcastic above and not really questioning it.

    • Nah fam u mustve gotten r.kelly mixed up with floyd Mayweather, kells can read abd write..

    • Warren Albuna Wendy Williams mentioned on her show a few months ago she interviewed R. He confided in her he can’t Read or Write.

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