Kanye West I Got Hooked on Opioids After Liposuction | TMZ

Kanye West had liposuction, started popping painkillers … all leading up to the 2016 breakdown that landed him in a hospital for more than a week.


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  1. Am i considered a crazy person for ACTUALLY understand what he’s saying and the message he’s giving

    • Kind of. I mean, I’M an understanding person, and even I can see that in some areas, he was just erratic and confused, and said things without thinking them through. I saw where he was going in most cases, he just needs to refine his delivery.

    • Stephan .G they’re tryna destruct his image and take him down, don’t give in to their bullshit. Understand nothing but reason

    • This is what sucks about being a Gemini most of the time we aren’t wrong but our approach isn’t the best. We are so outspoken we forget to filter it first. Some examples; Kanye, Trump, Shia LaBeouf, Kodak, 2pac, B.I.G, Ice Cube, Russel Brand, Johnny Depp, Kendrick, Neil Patrick Harris, all have reps of telling it like it is.

  2. “She went to the doctor got lipo with ya money” 😂😂

  3. I’ve never known a male rapper to get liposuction… he is officially a kardashian…

  4. If y’all people cant wake up and see someone like Kayne so Successful and Rich and has many many connections including politics and for him to go out of his way and talk about “Media Controlling people” and ” Telling you what to wear and eat” or him speaking about personal stuff. Yall think hes crazy. Y’all crazy not to believe this man and see how serious he is.

    • ひTexas serious about what? explain to me what’s so genius about all this bullshitting

    • uhh MXK you are clearly too distracted by the media narrative to see the media intentions

    • ひTexas isn’t Kanye part of the problem? Selling rags for riches.

    • julie martin yes kayne was part of the problem but he saw something and whatever he saw or heard or knows made him this way. A man doesn’t go crazy knowing he’s rich and has kids. Think about that

  5. Surprised he would get liposuction when his Mom died doing the same thing. Strange!

  6. I’m glad he spoke out on this Opioid Epidemic it’s happening everyday theses Dr’s are passing out pills like they use to pass out lollipops back in the day this has to be stopped it’s destroying life’s and families!

    • You need to take responsibility every time you put that pill in yo mouth and then be responsible for your actions hours later….

      You are in control of the intake and anything that you do “our of your character” is still your responsibility….there should be no leniency because u were high on pills

      People, better yet “Alpha Males” who try to negotiate ways to not “own their behavior” are the worst people in the world…like Donald Trump, and Kanye

      those are not “Alpha Males”…Alpha Males own their behavior….all of it

    • Bullshit. I have discs and other injuries from a bad car accident and they never gave me narcotics.

    • Em 100%. Thx for sharing. Spina Bifida patient who was told I’d never walk but did. Now they want to take away something that helos me get out of bed to walk. Now almost bedridden.

  7. Despite his craziness, I love how he called out the media. He would be a powerful truth speaker if he learned how to communicate a lot better.

  8. Bruh, you had lipo because you live with the definition of fake every day. You have enough money to hire the people that could help you achieve it in a natural way. You chose to take the short cut like your fake family.

  9. Ye just made TMZ look like the worthless parasites that they are.

    • You are as high as he is. He made himself look like a raving lunatic. TMZ had nothing to do with that.

    • corey mac it was, they were content with it for so long.. they were mostly treated well and it was far better than living in Africa

    • corey mac there is always a choice but the consequences are what you sometimes can’t control

  10. Kim Kardashian needs to be her Husbands super hero. And give social media a good hard brake. Just go live love laugh with her her man her kids and a few security details.
    But I hope everyone gets what he’s saying an not calling him crazy.

    • EndZiiel A filter? And? Almost every female that has a phone and has grazed the earth has taken atleast one pic with a filter, so what’s your point? Also, you don’t even have a picture of yourself so where is your room to talk?

    • He’s changed so much 😔 He needs to get a therapist and a life advisor to make sure he keeps his mind clean of negative thoughts and feelings. I support him so much for this interview

    • marilyssa ventling he always been like this he was never normal or sain its been 7 years lol

    • You can’t relate to him tho, you don’t know how it is to live life as Kanye West. You can’t even begin to start to understand how that much attention/criticism can affect you. Can you imagine what it’s like to live under a magnifying glass like that *all the time*? I don’t think you can and neither can I, so it’s really unfair to call someone like Kanye “weak minded”.

    • Absolutely. All these people acting like they’ve reached some next state of mind where nothing that other’s say bothers them. In reality, we DO care about what other people think of us, that’s why we try to dress nicely, work out, wear makeup etc. Oh, do you think that you do that all for yourself? Then you don’t even know the basics of human psychology, yet you’re coming here acting like you’ve got it all figured out smh.

    • HaveYouEverDancedWithTheDevil InThePaleMoonlight you are missing what he is saying ..he saying hella people in society do that and it’s all because of the media being shamed in front of the world just for entertainment

  11. Dude lost his marbles for sure.
    They burned this one. Keep taking those pills champ.

    • I hate how the media portray him as satan. He’s just someone who speaks his mind, and so so so much of what he says is actually important, like stuff about mental health and that, but no, these fucking parasites call him crazy because he doesn’t fit in with their narrative.

      shits sad man

  12. TMZ are leeches who exploit broken celebrities and attempt to ruin peoples careers in the name of gossip. Kanye should leave the LA cesspool for good, it’d really be beneficial to his health.

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