It’s Good To Be Prince Harry | TMZ TV

Prince Harry might not be in line to take over the crown but his life is one to still envy.


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It's Good To Be Prince Harry | TMZ TV


  1. I love you prince harrrrrrryyyyyy all best,🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  2. this is so dissrespectfull. harry along with being prince is a highly decorated war veteran and fought in the royal army to protect the citizens of our country. he should be respected

  3. I’ve watched a few of these TMZ ‘Harry’ clips and it’s remarkable how casual bullying of redheads has become so acceptable in the U.S. post-South Park. You’ve imported it from the English; where such bullying often becomes physical. A lot of it isn’t “just banter” ( that “Get Out of Jail Free” card for bullies everywhere ); it’s sincere. That’s exactly what the voiceovers and inane chatter are encouraging on TMZ too. They’re encouraging casual and sometimes not so casual bullying of kids with red hair, because you don’t just reference Harry, you usually talk about people with his colouring in general. It’s funny to see the superiority complex displayed by so many of you though. You’ve no idea how mind numbingly crass you sound. Zero self awareness.

    • Uh-huh, I’m familiar with their MO. They’ll sometimes contrive or encourage ridicule on somebody’s appearance by the tone of their presentation: but they rarely instruct their viewrs to do it directly – they suggest and manipulate. If you listen to their coverage of Harry, they explicitly and relentlessly mention his colouring as a negative; they talk of redheads as _others_ and the tone is relentlessly derogatory and patronising. It’s highly conducive to bullying. I’ve grown up with the colouring and I’m very aware of this phenomenon. I know how it works, but I doubt I’ll post again. I can’t be bothered to cite examples here, but if you flick through the clips you’ll know what I mean. They’ll have a go at someone like Kylie Jenner on her arse, but that is something she has crafted surgically – not something she is _inherently._ They don’t do it with any other hair colour and a cursory search about what frequently happens when this socially acceptable “banter” gets out of hand will furnish you with some extremely depressing reading.

  4. I bet some the royal family are looking at the clock ticking to see who dead or alive so the can rule England lol

  5. when they guy said “WWEEELLL HELLOOO GOV’NEEERRRR” I was actually drinking tea (iced tea, thank god) and it came of my nose XD

  6. Nah, Harry has the personality and swag he’d still get women if he wasn’t a prince.

  7. Yall just hate because yall not good looking. You don’t have nothing going for you. O show. NOT!

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