Kardashian Family Feuds All Sisters Can Relate To | KUWTK | E!

These Kardashian moments will make you and your sister go, "same". Watch their relatable family feuds now!

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About Keeping Up With the Kardashians:
Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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Kardashian Family Feuds All Sisters Can Relate To | KUWTK | E!


  1. At least they say it to each other’s faces and defend each other publicly… That’s what a good family does.

  2. see how Kim was always calm and never said anything? Kourtney made her finally snap because it was the hundredth time and Kim was seen as the rude one

    • +Jessica Hello true, but her family doesn’t need to belittle her when she is actually passionate about it and tell her how she’s gonna fail at it. They suck at being supportive. They don’t think she’s gonna make it? Fine, but keep those ugly comments to themselves.

    • Nicole they suck at being supportive really? Give me a break. I don’t even like these people, but I can be honest and say that’s not true.

    • Kourtney has always been the entitled one and contributes the least to the family coffers. She needs to find something that will occupy her and get her out of everyone’s hair.

  3. when i saw this the first time ever, i was like kim is disgusting, how could you ever say that, but watching this again i realize i probably would’ve said the same things to kourtney that kim said….

    • Kourtney has always been the meanest. People forget that or maybe they never saw the earlier episodes. Either way, I love them all. No matter what.

    • So when this went down i was like hell yeah she never wants to work. She wants to ride on their coat tails and get mad at them for voicing their discontent.

  4. 4:06 Kris was about to say “there’s people that are dying” lmao

  5. I’m glad Kim went off on her . She deserved it. Unnecessarily rude. I wouldn’t want to be around her . I usually like her it must be something personal she was going through.

    • j m in all the previous things Kourtney was being extremely rude until Kim finally snapped. There’s only so much a person can endure and take, but Kourtney went over the line. It’s understandable, not the best way to go through with family, but extremely understandable.

  6. Kourtney doesn’t want to film the show. She’s been saying it and no ones been listening to her

  7. i’ve been binge watching for the past week and i cant wait to get to the newer episodes KSNDJSKXKMXMSMSSM

  8. Kourtney was bitchy this season because this was when Scott was getting more serious with Sofia. Kourtney probably thought it was just a fling and wouldn’t last but their pretty steady and unproblematic that’s why she’s cracking. She needs to learn how to cope..

    • Well also kourtney’s fault for not saying anything about how shes coping with scott moving on

    • There was something leaked with the news on how she feels like the black sheep in the family and doesn’t want fame because of how materialistic her family became and how they’re spilt apart and she not hears about their lives via social media. Nothing is authentic and she wants to quit

    • Evie Gross it’s either khlo or Kim, kris And Bruce always defend them, khlo deserves to be the favourite and I’m glad she is, she’s really nice and supportive and always tries to help

    • she’s fed up for sure. did you see that new article where she called her family disgusting?

    • Hannah Wyatt at least somewhat equally. And if it’s not equal, they shouldn’t make it as obvious as kris does with Kim

    • +abby She “loves” whichever child is garnering the most attention at the moment. It’s sad.

    • Kim Kardashian made the Kardashian, she gave them the fame, maybe they were rich before but Kim gave them the boost.

  9. **everyone talking about Kourtney and I’m sitting here realising that Kim is short for Kimberly.**

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