KUWTK | Kris Jenner Is Furious Over Caitlyn’s Book | E!

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star is pissed about how she's portrayed in Caitlyn Jenner's tell-all book. Take a look.

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Is Furious Over Caitlyn's Book | E!


    • Shes still recovering from a robbery at gunpoint. that leaves permanent scars on your face

    • I got robbed at gunpoint, two guns and there are no permanent scars on my face. But it does take a few weeks to get over it.

  1. Some of y’all are some dumb mfs. Kim is 36 years old. She is GOING to age just like you are. Dummies. Is it bad for her to look older but look good? Because she does look good. She’s rockin’ 36.

    • I think Kim looks ageless. Like you don’t really know how old she is. If I can look like this after 2 difficult pregnancies and an overstressed life at 36, i’m down for whatever. And those who say she’s fake, seriously why are you so pressed over people who can afford a good surgeon? It’s just like tattoos or teeth treatments or sports, you invest money and time to look good and feel good. ain’t nothing wrong with that.

    • Narcissa However .. Although she looks good for her age, I don’t think she’s ageless. Unless you’re speaking about the fact that her plastic surgeons keep her looking good. In a few years, she’s going to look just like her mother.

    • if you can afford going to the best plastic surgery in Hidden Hills and..  every week even for a little scar on your little toe. I would look like Miss World every year.

  2. Ugh Caitlyn is such a *bad example* for the trans community she honestly makes trans people seem stupid and delusional. No one is going to take trans seriously if shes the one in the spotlight. Trust me we dont like her either.

    • Kreeplx…. Quick reminder….Gay people don’t care about your feelings. I yawned twice while reading all that. 😉

    • +Robby Lewis Oh my, thank you for that thoughtful reminder? You are the one that chose to be gay after probably being abused, and now your whole life revolves around it. Thanks for being you!

    • Caitlin is just a shining example of what autogynophilia looks like, so no wonder people with genuine dysphoria don’t like her as being seen as a spearhead for the trans community. But autogynophiles make up the majority of trans people in the west… so… she’s probably a suitable figurehead -.-

    • hopefully people won’t take her as an example. She’s just a bitter, selfish person period.

  3. Bruce is a narcissist, fraud, and just the worst person on tv period. like i feel so bad for Kris and the family, my goodness.

    • spill da tae i dont think you quite understand. The original comment that we are all replying to said bruce. So, since i was was replying to that comment i used the word bruce. So dont bother replying

    • Tumi Yukii Caitlyn is an awful example of a trans person. I know many crossdressers (including my partner) and trans people. They’re all super compassionate people. I see none of that in Caitlyn, which is a real shame.

  4. can u imagine if Lamar Kris Humphrey Scott and that tyga dude wrote a book and put these chicks on blast dammm Kris would get a heart attack daammm

  5. Ya’ll are insane. Kim is going to age. Just like any other human. This woman looks insanely gorgeous for a 36 year old, especially in hollywood where a woman’s ‘span’ is supposed to end at 30. Ya’ll wanna know why these women have so many touch ups and body modifications? It’s cause of all the people like you who say this and that about every inch of their body everytime you lay eyes on them. You’ll even find an insecurity about them they never knew they had to ‘fix’. This world is f*ckd up.

    • umsiie Theo Hope you enjoy your life of stalking the Kardashians and criticising them for living a life they let you into. You can criticise all you want. They are happy being able to pay their mortgage while you will die bitter.

    • jason calise Good Job, nobody. Society doesn’t critique you because no one knows or cares about you aside from your small group. It’s funny how people who haven’t been placed under any serious pressure always think they know the answer. Get famous and see if your lovely philosophy holds under pressure, otherwise you’re all talk.

  6. I think it was really unfair of Bruce to marry women and have kids when he felt like he should have been a female.
    I get that maybe it wasn’t socially acceptable and he felt he had to hide his feeling but don’t bring women and kids into it. He waited way too long to divorce Kris. He used her and now he is trying to make her look bad. Caitlyn is an opportunist and she needs to remember what Bruce did.

  7. After all she’s been through, i don’t understand how Kris hasn’t had a mental breakdown yet. I actually feel bad for her

  8. “Kris knew before we made love” – that is really messed up to say tho……..

  9. I hate Caitlyn and I hated Bruce. Caitlyn is such a disgusting human. So disrespectful. How can you come out as a transgender and say that you do not support gay marriage?! And seriously she is just trying to make everyone hate Kris for no reason.

    • Exactly- it was Kris that got him (Bruce) out of the rut he was in. Kris was the one behind the scenes who got the endorsements and got everything going again because he was a recluse. Catelyn wouldn’t have been able to emerge if it hadn’t been for Kris’ support so I don’t understand where all this putrid hatred is coming from :/

    • Sharon Aviram We are talking about the same thing but the difference here is that you made it seem like she literally said she’s against and she did not ever say that. And it is true she was alienated afterwards cause everyone overreacted and misinterpreted what she had said. Yeah maybe she’s not full on board but it’s not like she’s speaking out against gay marriage. It’s not like she’s saying it is wrong. I suggest you go and watch it and maybe then you understand.

    • Caitlyn changed his/her mind about gay marriage so you can just chill on that subject.

    • IT is getting paid like a billion bucks to be and say exactly what IT does. How hard can it be to get that?

  10. I’m no fan of Kris Jenner but I actually feel sorry for her. She has ever right to be angry at Bruce/Caitlyn. It sounds like Bruce/Caitlyn blames kris for all her problems. Bruce stayed married to her for over 20 years. Did Kris holdhim hostage in their home and not let him out of the relationship? Kris needs to cut that cancer out of her life for good and let Caitlyn live with the choices she has made in life.

  11. no matter what kris and Caitlyn went thru, that is still the mother of her children and now shes dragging her to sell more copies of her book. disgusting honestly

  12. I absolutely agree with Kris! Enough is enough and Caitlyn needs to move on with her life and stop making Kris out to being the bad guy. ..I mean enough is enough already and its not fair. im not saying I think Kris was the easiest person to live with and I’m sure their relationship was strained, especially towards the end. This was Caitlyn’s choice. she has now become the woman she always wanted to be. move on, be happy with your new life and stop throwing someone under the bus and kicking someone while their down!

  13. What is worse than having an ex husband??? An ex husband who thinks he is an ex wife.

  14. It’s normal for Kris to feel furious. She was betrayed and lied to by someone she trusted for years.

  15. The big issue that Kaitlyn has with Kris is,….. SHE WANTED TO BE KRIS!!! I mean seriously imagine being married to an opulent, powerful, fabulous and business savvy women and all the while dying inside because that’s what you wanted to be your entire life. Mystery solved

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